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Signs Your Addicted to Being Single

Here are some signs that you are addicted to being single (from YourTango.com): 1. Feeling that no one is good enough. The opposite sex is too old, too fat, too young, too poor, a bad dresser, has a weird voice, etc. Being super-picky ensures that you won’t find anyone because no one is perfect. Ever wonder why Jerry Seinfeld stayed single all those years? He was addicted. 2. Always attracted to the Unavailable Ones. If it always feels as though the only people you want to be with are the ones who don’t want anything to do with you, there’s a problem. How can you want love but chase the ones who don’t? It doesn’t make logical sense so you know that your habit is in full swing. 3. Being the social butterfly. Filling up your calendar with social events with the guys or girls and pretending to look for love is ineffective. Your actions appear to be making an attempt but you know deep inside you are really not ready to meet Mr. Right when there are plenty of parties to attend. 4. Addicted to Work. The opposite of the social butterfly, if you get too busy with your job or business, you don’t allow any room for social time. It is great to be ambitious, but some people bury themselves in work to avoid the intimacy of a romantic relationship. 5. Hiding Out. Attending speed dating events or dating online can be an uncomfortable situation for some singles. Going out and dating takes you out of your comfort zone. You don’t want to do all the work but it also could just be another excuse for avoiding real romance. Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about this list: Addicted to Being Single


10/26/2010 4:29AM
Signs Your Addicted to Being Single
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12/09/2010 8:00AM
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