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So who was The Beatles' Lucy?

The Beatles are certainly too old for us to play on 107.9, but they are responsible for some of the most classic pop songs of the rock & roll era.  I recently heard a fun little story about the inspiration behind one of their most famous songs, "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds."  Turns out Lucy was an actual person, a schoolmate of John Lennon's son Julian, named Lucy Vodden.  Lennon got his inspiration for the song one day when his then 4-year old son came home with a drawing and described it to his father as "Lucy in the sky with diamonds."  Evidently just that phrase alone started the creative process!  Maybe our grandparents knew all of this already, but I certainly hadn't heard it before.  The cool part of the story though, and the reason it's resurfacing now more than 40 years after the song originally came out, is that Lucy has recently become ill with Lupus.  Upon hearing this, Julian actually tracked down his old friend Lucy, and sent her flowers and gardening vouchers from his home in France.  The two plan on staying in touch mainly via texting.


06/15/2009 1:05PM
So who was The Beatles' Lucy?
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