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Sock Soup-Billy Mays, Pitchman In Heaven

Everyone on the Wake Up Call loved the enthusiasm of the late Billy Mays.  I've purchased his products.  I've watched his show Pitchmen.  I saw his latest appearance (with Andrew Sullivan) on the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien. He is gone way to soon. We recently started something we call "Sock Soup."  Plain and simple, we do sock puppet shows of different things going on in pop culture.  When Billy Mays passed away, we thought about what he would be like in Heaven.  We think it would be something like this!

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06/30/2009 4:38PM
Sock Soup-Billy Mays, Pitchman In Heaven
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08/21/2009 1:27PM
Alexander Dombroff
I still miss Billy Mays! I saw an infomercial last night for Sham Wow! and reminded me how sad it is.
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