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Sour Milkshake? Kelis blasts cheaters!

So Kelis (she'd had the hits Milkshake and Bossy), recently divorced from rapper Nas, took to the web today to blast married men who cheat!  Perhaps some insight into why they broke up?  Anyway, check out this blast: This lovely day I would like to touch on cheaters. Super brief! Why be cowardly, why not go after what you really want? Do people know what they want? Probably not which goes into know and respecting ones self. Also we can discuss w****s, I mean the nasty sub par tricks that participate in cheating. Well let me say this, both parties that are gross. And reality they deserve each other. All the scum bag coward husbands and less than impressive sluts unite! You can all go down in flames together! Hooray! No seriously, I have no patience for any of it but the problem is women usually blame the women. I am here to say that the husband is way more at fault, now of course the woman/women who partake are stupid and pitiful. An honestly I will say its expected from younger girls 23 and under. But after that I do think we as women need to take more responsibility. Men are driven by something differently then we are and that is generally stupidity, don't worry we still love you guys. We just have to be smarter :) Haha!! So evidently Kelis thinks that if you're 18-22 you can mess around all you want??  Huh?  But we agree with Kelis, cheaters suck!


06/08/2009 1:47PM
Sour Milkshake? Kelis blasts cheaters!
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