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Standing Ovation for Rocklin High School Teachers!!

When I was in school, I don't remember my teachers ever really doing anything cool.  I guess every once in a while, we had a teacher who would do something silly at the yearly talent show, but that was the extent of teachers and fun.  Maybe this is because my teachers didn't know how to have a good time, or they didn't think showing a fun side was appropriate behavior for an educator. I wanted to give major props to the teachers at Rocklin High School for putting together a flash mob dance routine for their students.  This is the time of "event" that the students will remember forever.  This is the type of extra activity that makes school memorable. If you haven't seen their video, here it is:


01/27/2011 8:23AM
Standing Ovation for Rocklin High School Teachers!!
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07/12/2011 6:07PM
Dee :0)
Hi! This is great! I did LoL through the whole thing...and clap too! I have been teaching alt. ed to middle and hs kids for the past two years and they would appreciate such a dance! ...though I am currently unemployed! :0/ I agree we need more fun teachers, kids need to know we are fun and real people! I was actually looking for a possible way to buy some Train tickets for the Lincoln concert but this is really making me smile so thanks! :0)
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