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Gavin Grades The Movies

Star Trek

Star Trek (Rated PG-13) Gavin Grade: A- Usually the way the big Summer Movies go is that they're big, flashy, expensive and fun.  "Wolverine" was the first Summer Movie and wasn't really any of those things except expensive.  So let's say that "Star Trek" is the REAL start of the Summer Blockbusters.  For the record, I'm not a Star Trek fan.  In fact I think I've only seen one Star Trek movie all the way through and that was when I was like 10.  But Director, J.J. Abrams (Cloverfield, Fringe, Lost) said in an interview that he really hasn't either.  I wonder if that's why I liked it so much.  It's a Star Trek movie that's made for EVERYONE...not just the Trekkies.  The entire movie is well-written, well-performed and just looks incredibly sleek and sexy.  I enjoy prequels even when they're for franchises that I don't have much interest in.  I knew enough about Star Trek though to get by.  My girlfriend, Stacy, however knew nothing about Star Trek outside of the fact that there is a character named Kirk in it.  She still enjoyed the movie as much as me.  But there's moments that Trekkies will love as well.  The woman sitting next to me was CLEARLY a Trekkie.  She was jumping up and down in her seats like she was being electrocuted for the action scenes and crying like someone who just met their father for the first time at other scenes.  In short, you don't need to know anything about it to enjoy it, but you'll enjoy it more the more you know.  All the actors were great and perfectly cast (including several cameos), but Chris Pine, who plays Kirk, has etched his future as a successful actor in stone.  I've been a fan of his since seeing "Bottle Shock," but this was the mainstream audience he needed to win over; the female fans with his looks and male fans with his charisma...just like Shatner did back in the day.  My only complaints with the film is that it does drag at some parts.  Maybe 10 or so minutes could've been cut from its 126 minute run time.  The other thing is that the plot gets a little confusing.  I'm usually an alert movie watcher that can follow most plots, but I don't like to be mentally challenged too much by my Summer Action Movies.  My advice to you is to not try to figure out what's going on and just enjoy the Warp Speed ride.


05/09/2009 5:27AM
Star Trek
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05/18/2009 1:18PM
My entire life I have had to grow up watching star trek because my dad loves it. But I hate it! It's horrible and stupid and ugh! so horrible. Then my dad just had to go drag me to see the movie! ugh. But...I absolutly loved it! one of the greatest movies I have seen! It's now in my top 50 defenitly. I was crying before the title came out! Another thing is that I was glad I got to see it in theatres because behind me there was a row of dorks and it was just hilarious! one had this super stupid laugh and he laughed at everything! seriously. And this one guy looked like a total dweb with the red hair and round glasses! It was hilarious. So I am defenitly not a 'trekkie' but this one was amazing! kudos. kudos.
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