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Beyonce Meets Duck Tales

Sometimes, mash-ups of songs are a little silly.

This is one of them - the video of Beyonce's "Single Ladies" mashed up with the theme song from Duck Tales.

You know what?

It sort of works. Check it out, just for the fun of it!
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Are You Ready for Manhattanhenge?

Manhattanhenge happens a couple of times each year.

It's the name for the days on which the setting sun lines up perfectly with Manhattan's gridded streets to create some awesome pictures.

Manhattanhenge happens tonight and tomorrow night.

NBC New York reports the best places to witness it are cross streets like 14th, 23rd, 34th, 42nd and 57th streets.

They recommend that you go as far east as you can in Manhattan without losing sight of New Jersey.

Of course, that only works if you're in New York.

So here's what it looked like a few years ago. And I'm sure you can find some decent video and shots on YouTube after tonight and tomorrow, asuming the weather cooperates.

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A Full Circle Rainbow

This is tremendously rare.

Some folks at the top of an observation tower over Niagara Falls shot some tremendous footage of a full-circle rainbow.

It's an amazing thing to see!

When they realized what they were looking at here at Niagara Falls, their jaws dropped. It's a full circle rainbow! You’ll want to see it, too.(h/t to southlakemotors/YouTube)

Posted by The Weather Channel on Thursday, May 28, 2015
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Leave Those S'mores Alone!

Okay, now the government has gone too far!

ChooseMyPlate.gov has published the recipe for a healthy alternative to S'mores, that melted-chocolate-and-marshmallow-on-graham-cracker concoction that's so messy and wonderful, especially in the summer.

Ready? Instead of chocolate, strawberries. Instead of marshmallow, yogurt.

And instead of graham crackers, a couple of pieces of cardboard.

Okay, that last part's not real, but it might as well be.

Nothing wrong with strawberries and yogurt - they make a nice parfait.

But they pale in comparison to melty, drippy, messy chocolate and marshmallow.

Mind your own beeswax, ChooseMyPlate.gov!
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Got an Extra $100 Million Hanging Around?

Neverland, the California ranch owned by Michael Jackson, is on the market.

For just $100 million dollars, you can grab up the 2700-acre property in Los Olivos, just north of Santa Barbara.

There are 22 structures in all, including the train station that's modeled after the one on the Disney properties, plus a swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court and a 50-seat theater.

It's not called Neverland anymore - it's now Sycamore Valley Ranch - and the amusement park rides Jackson used to keep there are gone.

The listing agents say they're pre-screening buyers to keep out Jackson fans. They don't want someone to buy it up and turn it into a Graceland-style attraction.

Just in case that's what you had in mind.

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San Andreas

Ever since I can remember going to movies, I loved disaster films. One of my earliest favorites was the original Poseidon Adventure. I loved watching mass destruction, panic, survival, redemption, and kick-ass special effects. The older I got the more intense my pallet became and I demanded a larger scale. The summer of '96 was the best when I sat with my best friends and watched all our major US cities get demolished by aliens in Independence Day. I even had a soft spot for the doesn't-hold-up-but-still-love-them-for-nostalgia films like Volcano, Armageddon, and Twister. I lived in Central Pennsylvania for the release of all of those and no one was interested in destroying that. San Andreas completely obliterates San Francisco which is only 100 miles from where I live now and it dramatically changed my enjoyment of such disaster...or maybe it's just not that great of a flick.

I have a rule as a critic and fan of film; if Paul Giamatti (Sideways, Cinderella Man) is in a movie, it can't be all that bad. I know that's dumb but I trust in him so much that I can't imagine he would ever agree to be in something so awful he didn't see worth in being in it. I've been wrong though and The Hangover 2 and Rock of Ages made me see that. In San Andreas, he plays the token "expert" character that no one believes until it's too late and I should have sensed something was up about the quality of the script when I started to notice that he is one of the stars but not in a single scene with any of the other stars. He shot almost all of his footage in a single set in only a few days which feels as much as keeping San Andreas at arm's length away from him as he possibly could.

The real star is Dwayne (are we still using The Rock at all?) Johnson. There is nothing unlikable about Johnson. He's charming, funny, a somewhat decent actor, attractive and can carry a film on his ungodly large shoulders. However, you get out of him what you expect...not very much. No one sits in a film of his expecting Oscar-worth performances or even characters with an ounce of depth yet I find myself disappointed that that's exactly what we end up with. San Andreas is no different and he plays the cliche "hero" role who has a broken marriage and is trying to save his family during a disaster. It's not a challenging part, nor does he challenge himself with it...despite trying really hard to squirt a tear or two that almost seems convincing.

Director Brad Peyton does a fine-enough job ushering us through San Andreas but it feels like he is just reading along the step-by-step instructions on how to make a disaster film. His previous accomplishments are all children's movies so I give him credit for branching out but the only thing he brings to the table is his experience making effects-heavy productions and getting his performers to act like they're not just in front of a green screen for 70% of their scenes. The same can be said for the script which is decent for a disaster film yet is still nothing more than a paint-by-numbers formula. There's no creativity in anything you see and all you're left with is tense CGI of destruction galore, which I don't say with judgement since it's still entertaining on most levels.

I was in San Francisco just a few months ago and I've been there more times than I can remember since moving to Sacramento eight years ago. Watching that amazingly unique and beautiful city get leveled didn't feel fun in San Andreas. I don't know if that's because I'm too emotionally attached to it or because the movie forgot that disaster films are still supposed to get you to chomp popcorn with a big smile on your face. When I sit down to see something in this genre I don't want to be bummed out despite seeing mass death and destruction; I want to be excited by the action. San Andreas lacked something I can't put my finger on and fell short of my expectations. I'll fully admit that the problem might be in my own head but the more I think about it, I don't think it was. It's a movie that entertains on the most basic level and never seems to get solid footing on its shaky ground. (See what I did there?)

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"I Thought This Was Supposed To Be a Man's Movie"

Mad Max: Fury Road was screened at the Cannes Film Festival, and afterwards, some of the stars and the crew appeared in a press conference.

A reporter from Toronto stood up and asked Tom Hardy, the actor who played Mad Max, if he questioned why there were so many women in the movie.

"I thought this was supposed to be a man's movie," said the reporter.

Tom's reaction is classic. Short, sweet, to the point.

Check it out.

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Congratulations, You're a Piglet

The actors from Game of Thrones are piling up the honors.

Here's one that may leave them scratching their heads a bit, though.

The folks at the Detroit Zoo this week unveiled four of five warthog piglets born there in April.

The video shows Daenerys, Sansa, Cersei and Hodor playing in their enclosure.

Tyrion, the runt of the litter, wasn't quite big enough for public display yet.

Sounds about right...

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Ladybugs Everywhere!

It's the end of the school year, and kids are getting a little buggy.

At Chopticon High School in Morganza, Maryland, a few high school seniors took that bugginess to the extreme.

They pulled off a senior prank that unleashed 72,000 ladybugs on the high school.

I'm sorry, that made me laugh.

It didn't make the school's administration laugh at all. In fact, one of the seniors involved wasn't allowed to walk the stage at graduation this week.

Watch the story, and weigh in on it. Is this such a heinous thing that it should stop a prankster from graduating from high school?

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Heartwarming & Funny

Every once in a while, the early rounds of America's Got Talent produces some genuine gems.

This is one of those.

Drew Lynch has a stutter, but that's not holding him back from following his dream to be a comedian.

Watch his story, watch his act, and tell me you're not touched.

And you'll be floored by what Howie Mandel does for him.

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