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We Share a Sense of Humor

Alice, Kim, Theresa and Vivian Nguyen are high school classmates in Australia.

Naturally, their pictures are going to appear side-by-side in alphabetical order in the yearbook.

This year, as they graduate, they collaborated on a final quote.

And it's brilliant.

Check it out.
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"It's Fast, Dirty, It Smashes You Over the Head"

HBO's new series, Vinyl, premieres on Sunday night.

The show's about the music industry back in the 1970s, and based on this behind-the-scenes peek, it looks pretty good.

Martin Scorcese and Mick Jagger are producers of the series, and right there, you've got a winning team.

It looks dark, and Deadline Hollywood is calling it "GoodRecordFellas."

It's a ten-episode season. Just enough to hold you over until Game of Thrones returns.

Vinyl Invitation To The Set

You're invited to the Vinyl set. The 2 hour series premiere debuts this Sunday at 9PM on HBO.

Posted by Vinyl on Tuesday, February 9, 2016
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How Low Can You Go?

Gas prices in the US are dipping low.

In some cases, even lower than the experts predicted.

I know I paid $1.77 a gallon up the street yesterday - and truth be told, I felt like I was stealing it.

A fill-up for under $20? When's the last time that happened?

The folks at NBC News managed to find a station in the midwest that was selling gas for 99 cents a gallon.

Don't get too comfortable though. The experts - you know, the same people who said prices couldn't get this low - say the prices should start heading in the other direction early in March.

Maybe they're not experts after all. Maybe they're just spoilsports.

What do you think?

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Sports Illustrated Goes Plus-Size

The annual swimsuit issue is one of Sports Illustrated's most popular publications.

Every year, the sports magazine features super models in outfits that would pass for swimwear only on very select and secluded beaches.

Let's face it, the pictures don't portray real life.

This year, there will be a little reality to be had in the swimsuit issue.

Ashley Graham, a plus-size model, will be part of the spread. And she's delighted.

She told The Stir Daily that her mantra is simple: No man, no job, no friend is going to tell me who I am -- I am going to tell me who I am."

How's that for setting things straight?
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"We Joined In, As Though We Were Part of It"

Katie Holmes visited The Tonight Show this week.

She was there to promote her new movie, Touched with Fire.

But the chat turned to the Super Bowl, and Katie had to admit she didn't watch the game.

She did make a point to check out the halftime show, just to see Beyonce

And she even took a moment to do her imitation - such as it is - of Queen Bey.

The crowd seemed to like it.

I'm trying to figure out why...

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"It's Something Like That"

On Monday night, a dad in Albany took his daughter to see Bruce Springsteen in concert.

On Tuesday morning, he let his daughter go to school late.

And he wrote her the most awesome please-excuse-my-daughter-for-being-late letter ever.

Hoping this is true, and not an excellent hoax.

Either way, you've got to read the letter.
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To understand how this Deadpool movie came to exist, you have to understand the story of its troubled youth. Way before superhero movies were THE films of the year, way before Disney purchased Marvel and even before the first X-Men movie came out in 2000, which started this avalanche of awesome at the box office, Deadpool was supposed to get his own movie. The wisecracking, ultra-violent, 4th wall-breaking semi-superhero has been an acquired tasted among us comic book nerds since he first burst off the pages in an X-Men issue in 1991. For the past 16 years, this character has been kicked around from studio to studio but never once gaining traction. In 2004, Ryan Reynolds was cast and he fell in love with the character while studying him. He finally got to play him in 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine but it was such a departure from the source material that it was considered a massive failure by everyone who took part in it. Never giving up on the project, test footage was "leaked" online as a way to whet appetites for a real Deadpool movie in 2014 and it worked cause here we are! It was worth the wait because what we have is pure, kick-ass on a plate.

Ryan Reynolds has long been a mancrush of mine because he's supernaturally good looking but has the down-to-earth charisma to make you forget about that. His "coolness" has gone up even higher because of his die hard commitment to Deadpool all these years. He is the main reason why this project never died and he should be commended for it. Marvel has never released an R-rated film and with good reason; R-rated films don't typically make as much money. However, in order to do a Deadpool movie justice, according to the fans of the comic, there would have to be copious amounts of violence, profanity and nudity. Shockingly, 20th Century Fox is ballsy enough to try it and if this film is a box office success, it may alter the ground rules for what is "allowed" in a superhero films and we may start to see more of them take this adult-oriented path. In short, Deadpool could be a game changer.

Since seeing the screening, I've already been texted by several friends asking if it's appropriate for kids. My response is always, "there's a reason why it has an R rating." I understand that there are lots of kids who love Captain America and Hulk but this is entirely not for them. I don't say this often but taking your kids to see Deadpool if they're under the age of 14 is irresponsible. It's violent. It's profane. It's sexy. It has Ryan Reynold's penis in it (and yes, that's apparently real). This is going to upset loads of dads who don't get to see it because they can't bring their kids but I don't care because this raunchy superhero film made just for adults is a perfect tribute to fans and a breath of fresh air for those sick of being teased by PG-13 ratings.

This movie doesn't fit into the Marvel Universe as far as The Avengers lexicon goes but it is connected with the X-Men films. It still remains to be seen if and how they would slide it into the X-Men franchise and that depends on how much money this makes. Believe it or not, Deadpool was made for very little money. It cost less than $60 million, which sounds like a lot but considering the average Iron Man movie costs $200 million, it's nothing. That modest budget becomes obvious at times when certain CGI images look fake but that's completely forgivable considering how fun the movie is.

There are some things about Deadpool that aren't very good. The worst thing in the film is generic British action star, Ed Skrein (The Transporter Refueled), as the villain Ajax. The part feels more like a henchman than a main baddie and it's played as one dimensionally as it's written. There are also some parts where the jokes don't land squarely on their feet and it drags a bit (there are really only two action sequences) but these are all dwarfed by the awesomeness of the whole of the film. Just know, again, that this isn't a film for your kids and I don't recommend giving into their whining when you tell them that this is for adults. You've been warned and I hope you heed it.

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"Words Are Written on the Winds"

The folks who run the Academy Awards television show really don't like it when people ramble on and on and on when making their Oscar acceptance speeches.

So over the years, they've tried all sorts of techniques to hurry things along.

Cutting off microphones, playing music, cutting to commercial - everything short of having Sylvester Stallone grab one arm and Arnold Schwarzenegger the other and carrying the winner off-stage.

This year, nominees will be asked to provide a list of the people they wish to thank, and those names will appear as an on-screen scroll as the winners speaks, meaning the names won't need to be said.

According to Time magazine, the producers said, Words are written on the winds. A screen grab of your scroll can be kept forever.”

What's more sentimental than that?

Several years ago, Jack Black and Will Ferrell got to sing the "Get Off the Stage" song at the Oscars.

Have a look - it's pretty funny.

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Whip, Nae Nae & Dab

Over the weekend, a gymnast from UCLA got a near-perfect score on her floor exercise, helping her team win the meet.

But her routine completely captivated people all over the world.

Just watch her moves. So energetic, so joy-filled, so precise, so much fun.

She got to throw in some dance moves too, and at the end, delivered a little Dab.

Nicely done!
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See Ya Later, Gator

This one goes into the Someone Tell Me Why file.

A guy in Florida was just arrested for throwing an alligator through the drive-through window at a local Wendy's.

As the story goes, he saw the three-foot-long alligator on the side of the road.

He grabbed it, but it in the bed of his pickup truck, and then drove to Wendy's.

He ordered a soft drink, then tossed the gator into the restaurant.

Someone thinks he was just trying to prank his buddy who worked there.

Prank or not, the guy's being charged with aggravated assault. Plus, unlawful possession and transportation of an alligator.

Got to hit him with the whole thing, I guess...

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