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TLC, the insensitive channel

Am I crazy for thinking that the tv channel TLC is horribly insensitive?  I just spent the past hour watching a show about a woman named Mandy Sellars who has a rare genetic problem that causes her legs to grow and grow and grow. Her legs weigh over 200lbs!  You'd think TLC would name the special something like: "Incurable Condition: The Story of Mandy Sellars" "Human Struggles: The Genetic Battles of Mandy Sellars" Those two names humanize Mandy as a woman with a real problem.  What did TLC name this one hour special? THE WOMAN WITH GIANT LEGS! Yup.  The Woman With Giant Legs.  She isn't Mandy.  She's the Woman With Giant Legs!  I'm surprised they didn't call the special "Thunder Thighs: The Story of a Bottom Heavy Chick."   Hell, they could have just gone all the way with their insensitivity and called the special "Gross Freak With Nasty Monster Legs Who Will Most Likely Die a Virgin." Come on TLC, if you are going to do specials on people with rare medical conditions, please think a little bit before naming the specials.  On a side note, I highly recommend The Woman With Giant Legs.  Below is a short segment from the special:


04/13/2009 4:59PM
TLC, the insensitive channel
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