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Taking Pics in Public Restrooms

Gavin saw this at the airport in Phoenix:

He thought it was funny so he took a picture and posted it on Facebook. Some people loved it, while others got annoyed that he took a picture in a public restroom.

Is it ever OK to take a picture in a public restroom?
No, it's never OK
( 13% )
Yes, it's not a big deal
( 31% )
Only if it's funny
( 56% )

Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about taking photos in public restrooms:

UPDATE: The picture Gavin took has been going viral around the web. It was recently featured on the Tosh.0 Blog as well as The Chive:

Reddit also took the liberty to show us what the babby behind the stall really looked like:

Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about this picture being posted all around the Internet:

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04/21/2014 6:46AM
Taking Pics in Public Restrooms
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04/21/2014 8:41AM
Nothing inappropreaite
As long as it's not anything inappropreaite. Of course. Some people take things too literal. Take a joke guys.
04/21/2014 8:44AM
be prepared for the repercussion
ister Richard Small may take offense even though this even though this had nothing to do with him. Be ready for his wrath!
04/21/2014 8:52AM
pictures in a bathroom
Yes it is good specially. If tbe guy is madly handsome. He should take a pic of the front with the peter watering.
04/21/2014 9:12AM
You guys are missing the issue at hand! Why is there a giant baby in a stall all by its self. C'mon
04/21/2014 9:38AM
I noticed the talll child with big shoes. I knew rught away that's why you took it. I was more interested on the guy doing his business
04/22/2014 7:20AM
Well see what had happened was..
I wonder what the guy who was doing his business is thinking now that he has had his picture on the webpage... Also, this could be a possible meme
04/22/2014 7:20AM
Why don't you just crop the guy out that is peeing so it's not so awkward? Because that giant baby is pure gold
04/23/2014 8:13AM
I'm sure the anonymous person heard the camera. He could easily have turned and protested. If he had the photo could have been staged again. Gavin, this looks like your 15 minutes of fame beyond your listening area. Enjoy it, you deserve the credit.
04/23/2014 10:38PM
Mr. Mom
Obviously the guy behind the stall had to take a whiz and of course mans way of thinking "I'll just put her on my shoulders while I do my thing, no big deal" and it's really not a big deal except that it's funny as hell! I love it, and think it's adorable! Dads, gotta love em👍
04/26/2014 1:33AM
I would of did the same thing that isso funny man I sent you my video of animal abuse and was hoping if you could watch it and talk about it please thanks
04/26/2014 7:30PM
Give Gavin his props for this. Your awesome Gavin.
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