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Gavin Grades The Movies


Often I assume that nobody reads these reviews and I do this just as a form of self pleasure.  I recently got contacted by a listener named Allison and she said, "Hey, if you don't write a review for Tammy, how am I suppose to know if it's worth my money?"  It was nice to hear.  Not only was it a reminder that at least some of you actually read these but also that these reviews act as a warning to anyone willing to listen for movies that are a complete waste of your money.  2014 has brought some pretty lousy movies but none of them have earned that money-wasting warning more this year than Tammy.

Melissa McCarthy is a comedic powerhouse, no doubt.  When she stormed into theaters in Bridesmaids she was one of the only thing that people remembered and truly loved about that movie.  There's a reason why she earned an Oscar nomination despite the fact that she played a character that got diarrhea into a sink.  Not only was she a woman in comedy proving she could be as funny as any man out there but she also was breaking molds by being obviously very heavy.  Everything about her is something you don't get to see in movies very often and it's refreshing to have Hollywood recognize that a woman in film doesn't have to be 4% body fat.  Sadly, all of the success and milestones McCarthy has earned have been torn down by not only starring in such a horrible comedy but writing it as well.

Tammy is about a woman who is not only a loser with no ambition, goals, money or intelligence, but she also never deserves to gain any either.  For someone that so many women in America admire for bucking the standard, she writes herself a horrendously pitiful character that revels in the fact that she's a fat, stupid a-hole.  The only person in the movie that is even worse than her is her grandmother, played by Susan Sarandon.  She's a drunk, pill-popping, selfish old woman who agrees to let Tammy "run away from home" just so she can feel young again...I guess.

Aside from McCarthy and Sarandon the rest of the cast has the strongest women in film as well, such as Kathy Bates (Misery), Allison Janney (Juno), Sandra Oh (Sideways), and Toni Collette (Little Miss Sunshine).  Between all of these highly talented women there is about 5 Oscarn nominations and a few wins.  It's a damn outrage that all this talent is wasted on such ridicously pointless and one-dimensional characters.  It's enough wasted talent to make a true movie fan seeth in their theater seat.

Tammy is not just an unfunny comedy; it's a crime.  There is almost nothing original about it but that's forgivable.  It plays to the lowest common denominator of movier-goers and even that can get a pass from me.  What makes this such a horrid film is that it takes true female talent, crumbles it up and throws it out the window.  Women are shockingly under-represented in Hollywood and all-female casts are as rare as albino adult animals in the wild.  Films like Bridesmaids, Fried Green Tomatoes, Pitch Perfect and Mean Girls are reminders that Hollywood sucks for not offering more women the chance to prove they can kick as much ass as all-men movies.  Films like Tammy are reminders that maybe they can't and that makes me sad.

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07/03/2014 9:59PM
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07/10/2014 11:07PM
I agree
I just watched the movie today, and going off commericals instead of coming to your review first I wasted 7 dollars. I honestly love her but this movie did no justice. Before I see a movie I'll read your review because so far we been having the sameopinions.
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