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Teen Mom In Trouble??

Like we didn't see this one coming, 20 year old Teen Mom star Amber Portwood, is now being investigated for possible domestic violence charges stemming from the "beat down" of her baby daddy Gary on an episode from earlier this month. Amber faces potential misdemeanor assault and battery charges, and even crazier, since it happened infront of her daughter, she could be up for a felony due to Indiana's state law. Another interesting wrinkle is that the show's crew members could also face misdemeanors because they witnessed the attacks and failed to report them. This brings the whole premise of the show into question, because for MTV the show will get better ratings the worse the Teen Mom's are with their children. No one would watch the show if everything was just perfect and nothing ever happened. So as far as I see it, it's in MTV's best interest to put the children in danger, which I have a BIG problem with. Do you think the Indiana authorities should make an example out of Amber and press charges??


10/20/2010 1:47PM
Teen Mom In Trouble??
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