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Gavin Grades The Movies

The Best and Worst Films of 2011


10. Win Win - This was a small film that came out early in the year that really showed how great acting and storytelling can still make a movie shine even when there's no budget or advertising.
9. Midnight in Paris - I love Woody Allen films but when you make a film every year, you're gonna strike out.  This was his first home run in years.  It's not for everyone, but what Woody Allen movie is?  If you love literature, you can't NOT love this.
8. War Horse - Sure it's campy, cliche and predictable but it's also one of Speilberg's best shot films where every frame looks like art.
7. Drive - Ryan Gossling is winning me over as a fan and he has this badass, well-executed crime drama to thank for it.  (And being so damn charming in Crazy Stupid Love too.)  Sure this movie moves slow, but it makes you earn its entertainment.
6. The Muppets - Yeah I'm biased as a lifetime Muppet fan, but this really was one of the best films of the year.  Funny, sweet, touching...a perfect creation for us Muppet fans.  A labor of love (of Jason Segel's) that turns out this good should always be on this list.
5. Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows pt. 2 - Shame on The Academy for snubbing this film series the way they did.  This was a perfect "goodbye" to some of the best characters we've ever had and it was handled with care and that is obvious on every frame.
4. Rise of the Planet of the Apes - One of the worst titles of the year but a flawless prequel.  This film could have been so silly and it wasn't.  Just the opposite, it was amazing, fun and contained one of the best performances that everyone forgot - Andy Serkis' Ceasar the Chimp.
3. 50/50 - It was so shameful that this didn't nab a Best Picture nod.  It's not easy for a film to measure equal parts tragedy and comedy.  It takes both to the extreme and never once dwells in either one.  An inspiring script that left me a puddle of tears...both from laughing and crying.
2. The Descendants - George Clooney is an American institution and this was his best performance yet.  The story was fun and heartbreaking that dealt with a serious story without being heavy-footed.  This would be the best film of the year it hadn't been for...
1. The Artist - For just being gutsy enough to make a black & white, stylized, silent, period film...it deserves to be on this list.  For being amazingly entertaining, sweet, sad, whimsical and authentic...it deserves to be #1.


10. Suckerpunch - Simply for releasing a thrilling trailer that whipped up fanboys into a frenzy and then putting out a film that was staggeringly boring, it deserves to kick this list off.  It lowered director Zach Snyder's stock for showing us the same scene to us over and over again but with different monsters.  Snore!
9. 30 Minutes or Less - This was the final nail in the Danny McBride coffin for me.  I can only watch him play the exact same character so many times before I completely check out.  It had such great talent at its disposal and ended up with unfunny crap.
8. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy - Yeah.  It's an Oscar nominated film but man did I hate it.  It's boring, slow, confusing, long and the extreme love it has by fans of the book makes me hate it more.  It lives up to every stereotype for British cinema and PBS specials combined.
7. The Change-Up - Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds are both very funny and usually dazzle on screen.  This was an unoriginal plot that knew it wasn't funny and overcompensated by making it as crude as possible.  What a cash-grab!
6. The Smurfs - Raping my childhood isn't cool.  Doing it with George Lopez and Katy Perry is unforgivable.  News that they're making a sequel makes me hate it even more.
5. Just Go With It - Adam Sandler has made a very lucrative career making stupid, childish, unfunny crap.  They seem to be getting worse and this was the start of his worst year so far.  Luckily for this film there were four worse films...as hard as that it to believe.
4. New Years Eve - Valentines Day was the worst film of 2010 and Gary Marshall and his cast of whoever-was-around-for-filming tried to recapture that glory but fell short.  Mindless, multi-character drivel like this are insulting to people who pay good money to see them.
3. The Hangover 2 - This was an experiment to see if Americans are stupid enough to pay money and laugh at a movie they already saw.  Turns out that we are.  The carbon copy comedy's unoriginality wasn't shocking to me, but still kinda pissed me off.
2. Bucky Larson - I know it seems like I really hate comedian Nick Swardson, since he's in four of the worst films of the year, but I don't.  I actually really think he's funny.  He just makes really, really, really bad decisions when it comes to appearing in films.  This would have been the worst film of the year but he also appeared in...
1. Jack and Jill - This isn't the worst film of the year because Adam Sandler sucks as a comedian.  It's not because it's horribly unfunny.  Nor is it because it's insulting to anyone over the age of 10 to call it entertainment.  It's because he tricked Al Pacino into being in it which, at this point, is like pushing an old man down the stairs.

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The Best and Worst Films of 2011
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I see more then one this movies. And i.dont agree with you I. Guess we have.diffeerent taste.
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