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The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on TV Tour!

My intern Leah went to see Conan O'Brien up in Reno on Tuesday, so I thought I'd let her give you the inside scoop in case you're planning on seeing him (Memorial Auditorium tonight) or just want to know what you missed! So, the venue was the Grand Sierra Resort, which is a really cool casino and older styled theater. The seating consisted of tables and booths, a very murder-mystery feel on a larger scale. I went with my dad, and we were pretty close to the front, only a table and a few rows of seats between us and the stage. We had to sit with two strangers at a booth, which was odd at first, but they were nice and not those loud, obnoxious fans. So the show started a little after 8. Once the lights dimmed and some of the clapping died down, the Late Night band (now named the Legally Prohibited band) started playing. If any of you are familiar with the band, LaBamba sang two songs and walked around the audience. Sadly, Max Weinberg is no longer with the band, so they did have a different drummer. Anyway, after the awesome performance by the band, they played a short little video portraying Conan after he was fired. he was incredibly beardy and wearing a fat suit. But then he gets his act together, tearing off the fat suit, and starting his tour. So Conan came out, talked a little bit about how he has been, and feeling about all of the drama with NBC. He couldn't technically talk about NBC directly (he kept claiming he didn't want to get sued) but he alluded to it all. He brought out Andy Richter and they talked and did a couple skits that they still had the rights to. They included the masturbating bear, now disguised and renamed to the self-pleasuring panda; Triumph the Insult Dog; and the Walker, Texas Ranger Clip Lever. Oh, and he let one of the writers from the Late Show, Dion Colts, come out and do stand-up. Oh yeah! The best part was definitely when Conan licked the side of LaBamba's face and claimed he tasted of funyuns. Conan even wore different costumes including Eddie Murphy's outfit from Raw (the younger readers will have to google that, but trust me, its hilarious) and different decorated suit jackets. He played guitar, sang songs, played an odd song about the guy from Different Strokes on the keyboard, and danced around with this awkwardly long legs. It was very energetic and fun, but you could tell how tired Conan really is. He really is awesome for doing this tour. It must take a lot for him to come out night after night, and drive around day after day. So overall it was awesome, and definitely makes me excited for him to be on TBS this fall. So if you were unable to get tickets, I hope you enjoyed reading about my experience! Thanks for letting me share it with all of you!!


05/06/2010 2:34PM
The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny on TV Tour!
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05/07/2010 8:12AM
great post as usual!
05/07/2010 8:31PM
Dan Pokorni
Hi Chris, Just following up to see if you received our CD of "Cast Our Love Away" (sent 4/12/10) and if there's anything going on with it. Thanks! Dan Pokorni MWL
05/30/2010 9:55AM
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