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The Porcelain God

Last night on The Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump didn't know that "praying to the porcelain god" was a phrase people used instead of saying "throwing up." We asked people other phrases they have used for throwing up and here are some of the ones they said: Hurl Blow chunks Calling Ralph on the big white phone Feeding the fishes Chumming Shitting out of your mouth Toss one's cookies The Technicolor yawn Giving your meal back Cheesing Diarrhea of the mouth Drive the porcelain bus Rainbow fountain Hack Enjoying a meal a second time Oatmeal surprise Cookies and cream Grossness Feeding the baby penguin If you want to add one, leave it in the comments below.


04/26/2010 4:41AM
The Porcelain God
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04/30/2010 5:20AM
Calling the Dinosaur!!!
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