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The Texting Video EVERYONE needs to watch

This video is very disturbing, but it is a video that every person who text messages needs to watch.

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08/21/2009 3:57AM
The Texting Video EVERYONE needs to watch
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08/21/2009 4:26AM
Thank you for posting this, I hope that this will remind teens and all other drivers of all of the dangers and responsibilities that we all take on when we get into a car.
08/21/2009 4:41AM
Lorenzo G
meh, that girl was trying too hard
08/21/2009 3:42PM
OMG I just watched this with my little girl and made me sick to my stomach! My little girl said "Mommy see why you shouldnt text and drive" This was a real eye opener
08/21/2009 5:33PM
That was horrific....really get's the point across. I guess Lorenzo G didn't understand - how sad....
08/21/2009 9:18PM
sorry.. but this was not believable at all. Lorenzo is right.. she was trying too hard.
08/21/2009 11:58PM
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08/23/2009 11:23AM
A concerned Mom
Too bad Lorenzo and LOL were only paying attention to the acting! I say be glad these were just actors and not your sisters or parents or kids left behind or even you! The comments the 2 of you made lead me to beleive that you may be some of the oblivious idiots out there that are putting me and my kids in danger while texting your other idiots (or eachohter) while driving...Hope i don't see you!
08/26/2009 6:49PM
wow!! There's another one regarding speeding. its really sad. I can't add a hyperlink, here's the addy: http://apps.facebook.com/crazyfunpix/item_detail/?previous_view=FB_FUNWALL_NOTIFICATION&media_token=hJZL8kFbRkNHhyWE8_aNojIW8umYYVM8AneIt2m9Psnln3Hcgd9Ih8VNevJF8zcRT12Hg1e2DxzEC9W0elK37ESTDm1kzzwwEjcjliFZSvaYqpuG9yzcNKxGG8ToGsx4nq9_FD_i22S1uxHQ_Csb12So_pQBfisH&CXNID=1000005.8NXC&se=_NQ3ggs-4k3ykwh6wrHEctYQGhHU5N92fIKigVbDSZZBLPCngP1e2p3X2AtEIjDBE_MQIJPJlNaDwJvuiv59t5xuZAlIyADzAu2rVxWuAN-ULZvwpkv1oJEZpyzhxqni kinda long...
01/06/2010 4:43PM
omg that was just freaky i mean that little kid thinking her parents were just sleeping and that staring baby i just feel scared
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