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Posts from December 2012

iPod iDol - Christmas 2012
The Wake Up Call do a specil Christmas edition of iPod iDol:

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WUC Gift Exchange
The Wake Up Call exchange gifts with each other, then 5 listeners take away a gift from them leaving one person with their gift.

Watch video here:


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Are You Smarter than Katie?
Tired of Katie always beating people at 'Are You Smarter than Katie?', Gavin decides to take her on himself.

Watch the video here:

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Jason Shaves His Head
Jason recently found out that he has alopecia which is causing his hair to fall out in spots.

And in order to put on the medicine to treat his alopecia, Jason has to shave his head. So Gavin and Katie decided to help him out...

Watch video of them shaving Jason's head here:

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Jason Reveals His Alopecia
Over the last few months Jason has been losing his hair in certain places. After getting checked out by a doctor, Jason found out he has alopecia.

Here is video of him showing his bald spot to Gavin and Katie:


Listen to Jason talk more about his condition:
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Dominick the Donkey - World Edition 2
The Wake Up Call continue singing their favorite Christmas song in different languages for all of thier listeners from around the world.

Watch them sing "Dominick the Donkey" in Swedish, Italian, and Pig-Latin:



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Bruno Mars Covers "Little Mermaid"
During a recent live BBC appearance, Bruno Mars did an awesome cover of classics from Disney's The Little Mermaid.

Check them out here:

Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about the video here:
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