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Posts from February 2013

Goat Remixes
Videos of goats yelling like humans have been around on the Internet for a while now, but the latest trend is to cut the yelling goats into pop songs and the result is awesome!

Here are a few of the better ones:

Taylor Swift

Justin Bieber

Miley Cyrus

Check out Buzzfeed for more awesome Goat Remix videos.

Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about the Goat Remixes here:
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WUC Invitation Rap
After the video of the Bar Mitzvah invitation rap went viral, the Wake Up Call decided it would be a good idea to rap invites to different events in their lives.

Watch video of them rapping here:

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Bar Mitzvah Invite Rap
This young kid made a video of himself rapping to "Welcome to Atlanta" to send out as an invitation to his Bar Mitzvah. Now the video has gone viral.

Check it out here:

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Chris Brown / Rihanna Law & Order Episode
Chris Brown and Rihanna's relationship seems to have inspired an episode of Law & Order: SVU.

The episode, which will air next Wednesday, will feature a young pop star who appears to be badly beaten by her hip-hop boyfriend, yet sticks by his side through the media storm the incident creates. But as the situation escalates, the boyfriend is found murdered...

Check out this preview of the episode here:

Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about the episode:
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7 Facts in this World
Did you fall for it like Katie did? Share with your friends!

Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about 7 Facts in this World...
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Stolen from a Restaurant

Gavin has had this light in our office for years, but Jason just recently found out where Gavin got it... HE STOLE IT!

Apparently a lot of people steal things from restaurants, but none seem to be as epic as this lamp. Have you ever stolen anything from a restaurant?

Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about stealing things from restaurants here:
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Sweet Brown's Dentist Commercial
Internet-sensation Sweet Brown did a commercial for a local dental office. Check it out here:

Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about the video:
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iPod iDol - Duets
This week for iPod iDol the Wake Up Call perform duets:


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Hydrogen Peroxide
Gavin got into a debate with our intern Tressa about whether or not it hurt when you put hydrogen peroxide on a cut. Listen to them talking about it here:

Tall Skinny Matt wanted to end the debate and volunteered to have the hydrogen peroxide poured onto a cut he had on his leg. Watch video of that here:

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Topics: Technology_Internet
People: Tressa

Kai the Hitchhiker
Watch this video incredible interview with Kai the Hitchhiker. Where Kai describes hitchhiking with a man, who claimed to be Jesus, and the man then smashed his car into an innocent bystander, before Kai took him down with a hatchet:

Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about Kai the Hitchhiker:
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Favorite Super Bowl Commercials
The Wake Up Call picks out their favorite commericals from this years Super Bowl...

Jason's Favorite- M&M's: “ANYTHING FOR LOVE”

Gavin's Favorite- Hyundai Motor America :TEAM

Katie's Favorite- Doritos : “DADDY FASHIONISTA”

Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about the Super Bowl commercials:
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Topics: Sports

Here's the Wake Up Call's list of fun questions/bets for your "Big Game" party!
1. Heads or tails?
2. Will Alicia Keys mess up a word the National Anthem?
3. Will Alicia Keys perform the National Anthem while sitting at a piano?
4. Will a team prayer circle be shown before the game?
5. Which team will win the coin toss?
6. What company will have the first commercial after the kickoff of the game?
7. In the first quarter of the game, how many times will the camera cut to show the Harbaugh parents?
8. What company will have the second commercial?
9. The game is on CBS, will there be a crowd shot of a cast member of the Big Bang Theory?
10. The game is on CBS, will there be a crowd shot of a cast member of the How I Met Your Mother?
11. The game is on CBS, will there be a crowd shot of a cast member of the The Talk?
12. The game is on CBS, will there be a crowd shot of a cast member of the Two and ½ Men?
13. The game is on CBS, will there be a crowd shot of a cast member ANY show that airs on NBC, Fox or ABC?
14. Will there be an animal in the first set of commercials, immediately following the kickoff? (Real animals, cartoon animals, computer animated animals, etc. They all count. Humans dressed in animal costumes? That's up the to people at the party to decide)
15. What car company will have the first commercial?
16. What will the first play of the game be…run or pass?
17. How will the first score of the game happen? (i.e. 49ers field goal, Ravens touchdown, etc.)
18. What will the first penalty of the game be? (offsides, false start, pass interference, etc.)
19. What team will score the first touchdown?
20. Will the first person to score a touchdown be younger or older than singer Bruno Mars? (27 years old, born 10-08-85) HINT: Player that are older include Joe Racco, Anquan Boldin, Jacoby Jones, Dennis Pitta. Frank Gore, Randy Moss, Vernon Davis, and Delanie Walker. Younger players include Colin Kaepernick, Michael Crabtree, Mario Manningham, Ray Rice, and Ed Dickson)
21. Which team will call the first time out?
22. Which team will fumble first…Ravens or 49ers? (NOTE: Any fumble counts, even if the fumbling team keeps the ball)
23. During the first instant replay challenge by a coach, flip over to Animal Planet’s “Puppy Bowl IX”.... What breed of dog will be on the screen (Mixed breeds will be consensus of the room and you get a point if your breed is one of them)?
24. Who will be winning at halftime (you can also guess “tied”)?
25. What is the first song sung by Beyonce at halftime?
26. Will Beyonce show cleavage during her first song?
27. Will Beyonce’s husband Jay-Z perform during the Halftime Show (appearing on camera doesn’t count, he has to perform)?
28. To start the second half, how many yards will the kickoff be returned? (NOTE: Exact amount gets you 3 points, within 3 yards gets you 2 points, within 5 yards gets you one point)
29. Vegas has the over/under set at 47.5 points…will the two teams combined score more or less than 47.5 points?
30. Vegas has the 49ers as a 3.5 favorite. Will they cover the spread…yes or no?
31. Who will have more total passing yards…49ers Colin Kaepernick or Ravens Joe Flacco?
32. Who will have more receiving yards…49ers Michael Crabtree or Ravens Anquan Boldin?
33. Who will have more rushing yards…49ers Frank Gore or Ravens Ray Rice?
34. The longest touchdown of the game will be how many yards? (NOTE: Withing 10 yards gets you 1 point, 5 yards gets you 2 points, 4 points for the exact amount)
35. What color liquid will get poured on the winning coach?
36. Will the winning Harbaugh tell his brother (the losing coach) that he loves him during the post game interview?


37. What time will the game end? (Your guess should be an exact time that the 4th quarter ends)

Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about the different questions/bets...
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