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Posts from September 2013

The United States of Shame
Here is the list about what each state is worst at! What is your state horrible at??

Click the image for the article.
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America's Sexiest States
Here is the list for the sexiest states in America. Find out where your state ranks!

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Headphone Karaoke
The Wake Up Call put on their headphones and sing along with some of their favorite songs!

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Goat 911 Call
A woman from Texas called 911 because she had goats in her yard. Watch the news report, with the epic phone call, here:

Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about the 911 call:
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MasterChef Finalist Interview

Listen to Gavin's interview with the finalists from this season of FOX's MasterChef:
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Man Doesn't Recognize Wife After Surgery
Watch this adorable video of a man who wakes up from surgery and doesn't recognize his wife, whose filming him, and thinks she is the hottest person in the world:

Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about the video:
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Eminem's Awkward Halftime Interview
For some reason, Eminem was interviewed during halftime of the Notre Dame / Michigan game. Watch the awkward video below:

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Locations: Michigan
People: Eminem

Ylvis - The Fox
Here is the video for "The Fox" by Ylvis which may be the best song of the summer!

Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about the song:
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A Letter From Fred
Here's a video of a gentleman, Fred Stobaugh, who wrote a song in memory of his wife...

...Was this sweet or what???

Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about Fred's song...

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