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The fat lady really can sing??

You've heard her story by now, right?  She's the latest "overnight sensation," the 47-year old single lady from Scotland (who's supposedly never even been kissed) discovered to have an angelic voice thanks to one of Simon Cowell's other shows, "Britian's Got Talent."  But why is she such a sensation?  There are plenty of people out there who could knock out a pretty solid version of that song.  So I've got a painful question to throw out there.  Have we really gotten so shallow as a society that we think unattractive, slightly overweight people cannot possibly have talent?  Why is it so difficult to believe that this woman could actually have a beautiful voice?  She must have been there as a joke, right?  This is what television has trained us to believe.  And it's very sad.  When she went on Larry King's show to be interviewed last week, one of the first questions he asked her was, now with her newfound fame, "will you change the way you look, will you change the way you dress?"  Brilliant!  Could you possibly be any more condescending, Larry?  His assumption that her clothing and general appearance could use some improving is exactly the bias I'm talking about.  If she's happy with herself, that's all the matters.  Usually when "the fat lady sings" it signifies something coming to an end.  Maybe, just maybe, Susan Boyle has possibly put to an end a few of our appearance-based prejudices!


04/20/2009 2:47PM
The fat lady really can sing??
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