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Thin by 30! / It's time...

Today I have decided to publicize my new passion... fitness.   Why today? No idea.  It just felt right to start sharing.  My goal for this blog is to journal this journey for myself and for anyone else who is ready to make big changes in their lives, body and health.  This blog will not be perfect!  It will have misspellings, grammatical errors and rambling.  What can I say... that's part of my charm! I should start by saying I am no health nut.  I love fast food, I love booze and until recently, I wouldn't even think of running unless someone was chasing me... and even then they would have to have a weapon of some sort to inspire me to really try.  I allowed my self to get to 210lb and that's when I knew... somethings gotta give. At this very moment I am 169lbs.  Clearly I have been working on this weight loss thing for awhile but I have never really been truly serious or inspired... until now! Let the games begin!


10/17/2011 12:00PM
Thin by 30! / It's time...
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10/25/2011 3:52AM
Lol. I am not sure where the chubby buddies hang but put a message on the wake up call facebook page....:)
01/12/2012 1:44AM
Good 4 u!!
I can't relate to this because I'm happy in my own skin but if u feel like u need to change how u look or if ur unhealthy -- go for it
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