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Thin by 30/ Minor set back...

I sustained an injury yesterday that will set my training back just a smidge.  What happened??? I was sprinting through the office in flip flops obviously!  I was given 10 minutes to find as many items in the office as possible that could be used to make an elaborate Halloween costume.   I was making exceptionally good time  when I tripped over .... absolutely nothing.  Electricity shot through my left foot immedietly and my only defense against the pain was to walk around in small circles with my hands on my hips repeating "I hurt my toe.  I really hurt my toe" over and over again.  This does not offer as much relief as you would think... Weird! A few hours later Mike brought me to urgent care where we discovered that my toe was not broken... just sprained.  Yes, I sprained my toe.  Which is, easily, the least impressive injury of all time.  I think I would garner more sympathy if I had bruised my tail bone or had a boil lanced. Long story short, I am wearing an ugly little boot because my toe is too swollen for shoes at the moment and I am taking pain killers every eight hours as needed.  Sadly, there was nothing the doctor could do for my sprained ego.


10/27/2011 6:29AM
Thin by 30/ Minor set back...
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12/02/2011 1:35AM
At the concert
Hey Katie I saw you at jingle ball and I really wanted a picture with you...but I dident get one:( I thought you were going to come back up becasue I was sitting right I front of uglier daughter but you dident so I hope i see u another time to get a picture:)
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