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Thin by 30/ Ch, ch, ch, ch, Changes

Yesterday was a great day!  I am finally making progress that can be measured.  When I started this journey I sorta thought I was going to transform into a fit and fabulous glamazon over night...  In a shock to no one, that has not been the case.   I have been stepping on the scale for a few weeks now and showing very little change.  According to my scale I have gone down two pounds... TWO POUNDS?!  I have been working out like crazy, cut back on my drinking and eating clean and I have only lost TWO POUNDS?!  As you can imagine this was aggravating and above all else making me feel like all my hard work was for nothing.   I can live with an extra two pounds on me if I get to go back to drinking wine every night. Well, my wonderful trainer Alisa (who will be known as "Amazing A" from this point forward) did my measurements and THANK YOU JESUS my body is changing despite what the scale says.  I am losing inches, losing fat and gaining muscle.  YAHOO! image


10/21/2011 6:27AM
Thin by 30/ Ch, ch, ch, ch, Changes
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