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Thin by 30/ Cheat Day from hell

On Saturday Mike and I had an awesome Halloween party with finger foods, candy and lots and lots of drinks.  So instead of trying to fight the feeling .. I decided to go with the flow and eat anything I wanted.  This is best known as a "cheat day".  Some people find a cheat day is a great motivational tool that gives dieters something to look forward to but I am steadfast in my belief that a cheat day is a HUGE MISTAKE.   While I didn't go completely crazy, I did kick the night of with pigs in a blanket (of course!) and from the second that pig hit my mouth it was all down hill from there.  I spent the rest of the night burping up sausage-y acid that burned my throat and tasted terrible.  I thought to myself 'THIS IS POISON!  THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN INGESTING HAND OVER FIST FOR THE LAST 29 YEARS?!'.  For a moment I actually felt really  bad about the abuse I have been putting my body through with the foods that I used to eat.  My poor body that has been so good to me.  My poor body that keeps working every single day and never lets me down (except for a little gallbladder issue in 2010... but no body is perfect). Finger foods were once a delightful treat but now they are my sworn enemy.  I am back to eating clean and it feels SO much better.  No more heart burn, no more upset stomach... AND I am looking better BONUS!


10/25/2011 6:57AM
Thin by 30/ Cheat Day from hell
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12/29/2011 1:18AM
Cheat days
Haha I do cheat days!
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