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Thin by 30!/ Step 1- Time to CLEAN up...

The first big change I am making is eating clean. What is eating clean you say?!  Great question.  I TRY to eat foods that haven't been processed to the point that they are more chemical than actual food.  This isn't as hard as it seems I promise. I live by the rule, if I don't know where it came from (i.e. ground, tree bush, animal etc) I don't eat it.  Not a hard rule to follow but does require more preperation than I am used to. Here is where this is getting tricky for me... My family has no interest in eating clean which means I have to make two seperate meals every night and its a pain in the ass.  BUT I keep telling myself  'it's not their fault I got fat'... So if they don't want to eat my delicious ground turkey, black bean and cucumber salad then FINE! My newest clean treat is sweat peppers stuffed with turkey :) image


10/18/2011 5:39AM
Thin by 30!/ Step 1- Time to CLEAN up...
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01/12/2012 1:49AM
Ur beautiful !!
Ur not fat!! Ur beautiful ! We r all beautiful in our own ways and hey girl!- curves rule!
05/02/2012 6:41AM
hey, stop trying to get skinnier! you are hecka beautiful and you only look like you weigh, like 100 LBS.
06/11/2012 8:23PM
sweet peppers w/turkey
hey that looks pretty good. i think i could do this as a snack. do you know what the calorie intake on them?
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