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Things That Make A Man Creepy

With your help, we came up with a list of things that make a man creepy. Here is what you guys said make men creepy: - Gold chains - Hairy backs - Long Nails - Pencil-thin mustaches - Large porn collections - Dirty, long fingernails - Rings, not wedding related - Silk shirts - Huge Adam's Apples - Driving a windowless van - Ponytails - Saggy pants If you want to add something that you think makes a man creepy, say it in the comments below.


01/28/2010 4:21AM
Things That Make A Man Creepy
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01/28/2010 7:58AM
some men just look creepy, like you could be in the store and then all of a sudden you see some one that looks wierd and you tell your child to stay by you and not go near him. Some call it motherly instinct, but everybody knows a weird person when you see one. Im only 15 but my mom does that all the time, haha(:
01/28/2010 5:16PM
josh and carolyn
Watching kids at the park
02/02/2010 5:34PM
Sexy looking guys that post GROSS stuff on Facebook!!! Sound /look familiar ??? LOL
12/17/2011 9:34PM
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