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Gavin Grades The Movies

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Remember that feeling you had when you were leaving the theater after seeing "Star Wars: Episode 1?"  Remember how sad you were and how it felt like someone took something that you loved and turned it into crap?  That's what happened with the sequel to what I consider one of the most fun and awesome summer blockbusters ever made.  I honestly couldn't have been more excited for this!  And the movie starts off great too!  There's an action sequence right off the bat, followed by funny interactions with star Shia LaBeouf and his parents, who are still played by the hilarious Julie White and Kevin Dunn.  But as soon as he goes off to college, this movie takes a sad and pathetic turn for the worse.  It's remorsefully expected that through the warped eyes of director Michael Bay college would seem more like a beer commercial or music video.  But what's even worse than sitting through those horrible and mind-bogglingly stupid scenes is that we still have another 110 minutes to go before the end of the movie.  We get one robot fistfight to hold us over through the rest of the excruciating movie until we get anymore action.  Thank God that scene is a good one.  But the plot gets downright ridiculous and bogged down in innate rabbit trails.  It runs into the same problem that lots of sequels to successful action movies have - the plot is too complex, it introduces too many new characters and it forgets what made the first one so good.  This may have been one of the biggest movie letdowns I've ever had.  The first one was such a fun movie that I went and saw it several times in the theaters.  But "Revenge of the Fallen" had me actually bored for long stretches of the 147 minute runtime.  The line "this isn't over" is uttered by someone at the end of the movie...I hope to hell it is. Transformers 2  (Rated PG-13) Gavin Grade: D+


06/22/2009 6:34PM
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
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06/23/2009 7:54AM
Tommy G
Gavin, you could not be more WRONG about this movie. I liked it more than the 1st! No action from the college scene until the end? Are you KIDDING me? Without giving too much away... there was the library chase and the AWESOME brawl in the woods! Dude this movie was EPIC! It was everything I expected and more! The parents were funny, Megan was hot and the fights were great (better in this movie). The plot was definitely not confusing. The opening and the "old timer" clearly explain it. I can only point out one thing I didn't like in this film. The twins. Could have done without them. The twins get a D+ from me. But this movie deserves an A+.
06/24/2009 8:35PM
Drew I
gavin are ridiculous! This movie was amazing! the plot was not confusing! i got everything! the twins were funny! there is nothing wrong with them! and no action from college parts?if im not mistaken there were about 4 EPIC battles! and a insane chase soim sorry if i hurt your feelings or something! but you my friend are either fell asleep during the movie or you are stupid! this movie deserves an A++++
06/26/2009 6:11PM
You know, i agree on most but i did think it was just a fun summer movie, the humor was fun, hey i laughed, but then again there was those things that urked me, the close ups on highly detailed robots,optical overload, what was i looking at and who?i wasnt invested in the new robots as i was in the first one,they did seem thrown in and some robots were nameless, im a fan of the original cartoon,given they had all that money you'd think they'd throw familiar characters from the cartoon in, Bay can make good movies, this one isnt his finest but it serves as good summer filler..A-..with a ehh
06/28/2009 12:31PM
Chris Temple
You couldn't be more wrong Gavin! At least I now know you suck at reviewing movies so I can either avoid your reviews or just watch movies you hate. This movie was light hearted, fun, had plenty of action, and in NO WAY confusing... just like the cartoon.
07/04/2009 5:00AM
Nicole Wagner
I didn't think this movie was better than the first. One of the things I did enjoy about it was that the Decepticons had a bigger part in the movie. I felt that there was more action in this one because they didn't have set that much up or explain as much. I wasn't confused by the plot it was very straight forward. I thought it was good and I would see it again.
03/24/2011 7:35AM
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