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Twilight Saga:Eclipse trailer to premiere when??

281x211So I'm sure you were all very disappointed last weekend when the new trailer for Eclipse didn't play before Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. But don't feel too bad. It's now been confirmed that the trailer will play prior to leading man Robert Pattinson's new movie, Remember Me premiering March 12th! Very clever, Summit Entertainment! Will this attract you to come see that sparkly vampire romance someone other than Bella?? Don't get too jealous of Emilie de Ravin, though, because Edward will be back focusing on Bella on June 30th, when Eclipse is set to release. Now you'll have the brooding vampire's icy skin to keep you cool all summer! Unless you are Team Jacob, of course.


02/18/2010 12:55PM
Twilight Saga:Eclipse trailer to premiere when??
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02/18/2010 5:31PM
Awww!! thats too long to wait for eclipse!!!! But at least Remember Me is going to come out on my b-day!! YAY! hes so hot... :P
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