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UPDATED!!!!! Big Brother Blog: Secrets are spilled...let the bitches fight!

Tonight on Big Brother, we saw the first true signs of life in the house!  The houseguests may have called Andrew “Captain Kosher”, but my new nickname for him is “the Kosher Matchstick” because tonight he lit a fire!  Sadly, “the Kosher Matchstick’s” flame has already gone out. I’d be lying if I said that the Big Brother show didn’t frustrate the hell out of me.  Early in the Big Brother game, houseguests are usually so scared to step out on their own that the game turns into a dull, plodding mess.  This season was no exception.  Without the occasional cattiness, everyone is playing nice with each other. That all changed tonight.  Andrew, knowing he was most likely heading out the door, spilled a ton of secrets to the Big Brother houseguests.  At first, I was literally smacking my forehead because it seemed like the immediate reaction to Andrew’s speech was that he was lying about everything.  By the end of the night though, it was pretty obvious that Andrew’s words had the houseguests thinking. The first sign was when Enzo asked the houseguests “who is talking about me”?  He said it like he was kidding, but nobody likes being made fun of.  Enzo is no different.  I’m sure he’s going to seriously question the sincerity of the people he thinks he can trust inside of the house. The second, and most obvious sign the Andrew’s final words cut deep, was the reaction of Kristen. (blog paused) I just need to take a moment to say that I have made fun of Kristen for a few weeks because she didn’t say or do anything inside of the Big Brother house.  After seeing her “come alive” tonight, I wish I could have the old Kristen back.  This new Kristen is a bitch. (blog unpaused) Kristen got called out for her “relationship” with Hayden.  She reacted like the “other girl” when your man cheats on you.  (Not that I would know what it’s like to have my man cheated on, but you get the point)  She got loud.  She got sassy.  She got aggressive.  She got owned. I’m not a huge fan of Rachel.  In fact, she might be one of the most annoying players this season.  Sadly though, I will take a giggly, jiggly bimbo (with brains), over a bitch….any day.  Tonight, Rachel got called out, over and over again by Kristen during the HOH competition.  Kristen was on a mission to take Rachel down, and out of the game. In the end…Rachel won her second HOH competition of the week and she immediately put Kristen in her place.  This week is going to be interesting, and by interesting, I mean…catty, loud, obnoxious, etc. Here is what I hope will happen this week.  I hope that Rachel puts up Kristen and Hayden.  I hope that Hayden goes home.  I actually like Hayden, but I want the “Brigade” to get broken up.  Plus, Kristen staying in the house=drama.  I like that. Make your predictions now….who will be broken up first: Brendan and Rachel Hayden and Kristen The Brigade Post your comments here on this blog page or at www.Facebook.com/RadioWakeUpCall BLOG UPDATE!!!!!!! How could I forget the biggest blow off in Big Brother history????  Brendan tells Rachel..."I love you".  Rachel doesn't reply!  In fact Rachel leaned back as if to say "slow down big boy". Instead of reading, or attempting to read the body language between "Brenchel", I want to take a moment to say that I think it's the lamest thing in the world to call your "showmance" a "relationship".  When Rachel talks about about people getting in the middle of her "relationship" with Brendan, I want to throw up.  I'm really sorry Rachel, but the following are not true: 1) You are are not boyfriend and girlfriend 2) You are not soul mates 3) Brendan doesn't realize it yet, but he doesn't love you. 4) Outside of the Big Brother house, you two will annoy each other because it's amazing how easy it is to break up when you can LEAVE! 5) You will both regret blowing a shot at $500,000 if either of you makes a move to save your love, instead of your game. Enough said.  Thanks for reading this blog update!  I love you guys for reading this! Jason

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07/29/2010 5:35PM
UPDATED!!!!! Big Brother Blog: Secrets are spilled...let the bitches fight!
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07/30/2010 2:34AM
I think both The Brigade and Kristen & Hayden will be broken up because Rachel will hopefully put Hayden up and he will go home. That's in a perfect world, though, so we'll see!
07/30/2010 6:35AM
The Wake Up Call
07/30/2010 7:28AM
First of all. Good for Andew! I think that he knew he was going home last night so thats why he aired everyones dirty laundry! I'm so glad that he did that because now the drama is FINALLY getting started! Because of Andrews outburst people are finally going to start playing the game and it's for the better. I don't think that any cast would like to be known as the worst season ever. The BB9 cast already has that title. The "cat fight" between Rachel and Kristen during the HOH competition was awsome! I've never cared for lane, and I hate lane even more because he messed up the Rachel vs Kristen showdown. Those girls are after eachother and I can't wait to see who wins!!! Jason, you forgot to mention Pandoras Box. Pandoras box was something that BB introduced us to last season and this season it's back!! But this time theres no money falling from the sky theres no loved family member or friend who gets to spend a day with the houseguest..it's a new SABATEUR!!! America get's to vote for who they want to be a new Sabateur..Allison Grodner and her crew must be getting desperate for drama because I feel like adding another Sabateur is a recipe for disaster...and the only way it will work is if America picks the right person who will actually take the responsiblity. Plus the fact that they have to give up winning the $500,000/$50,000 grand prize just to survive the next two weeks and get only $20,000. I really hope America picks the right person. Back to Kristen and Rachel, the little outburst they had at the very end of the episode. Kristen you are a dumb@$$!!!!! SERIOUSLY WTF. Rachel just won HOH, she has the power to put you up and get you out of the house and you start fighting with her!!!! You just messed up your game AND Haydens game. Poor Hayden is going to become a casualty of war. And for what! for liking a girl?? Kristen, I liked you but you should have stayed quiet like you have the past three weeks because now that you have a voice. The house won't like you and you're going to be GONE.
08/01/2010 8:46AM
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