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Posts from December 2012

Kids These Days...

Gavin and Katie taking a break from the studio.

Kids these  days and their electronics... ;)
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Spelling Bee: Wake Up Call Style
Jason decided to add a twist to a spelling bee game between Gavin and Katie and had me tie their hands behind their backs.  
Listen to how it went!
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Olivia's Last Day
Today is Intern Olivia's last day! :(

We were just getting around to getting used to having her around! Jason even told her she's funny today! ... GREAT accomplishment!

We wish her the best in her endeavors! :)
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Ask an Intern!
Angelea e-mailed us asking about our interview to become an intern:

"Hey guys! I have an interview for a summer internship at 107.9, and I am wondering what I should wear. I don’t want to come off as too businessy or too casual. I was wondering what you guys wore, what you wear around the studio, and what I should expect to hear in the interview? Thanks!"

Here's our reply!:

Hi Angelea!

Thanks for reaching out to us! Both of us wore business attire to the interview. You can't go wrong with looking TOO nice :D

For the stuff we wear around the station, since The Wake Up Call interns are here so early we are always very casual but also because it's FREEZING at the station in the morning so we are always dressed really warm. (I wear sweats most of the time. Hah!- Tressa) Though, all the interns and some paid employees are usually dressed casually. If you are hired, the orientation you attend will explain all of that too.

For the interview questions, it was pretty mixed up between the general interview questions and abstract questions to gage your personality. Don't sweat it! You'll do great! :)

Take care!
Interns Tressa and Olivia

Have any questions or need our opinion? "Ask an Intern!"
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