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Need to wake up? Take a lesson from Tall Skinny Matt and use a swivel chair to stretch!

This may not be the BEST way to stretch because he was complaining that the chair kept moving... Excuse us while we work out the details. :P   
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Breaking up Through Text
The Wake Up Call talks about whether it's okay to break up with someone through text messaging. Intern Tressa has actually been broken up with through text. Listen to what they think about it!

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The challenge: Help us prove (to Gavin and others who share his point of view) that there is more GOOD in the world than people actually see!
Jason, Katie, and Tall Skinny Matt came up with the idea of the "107.9 Awesome Acts"! If you do or have done anything that contributes to the world in a positive way...let us know!

Post a comment about your awesome act, then SHARE this photo with your friends, so they can do the same! *You can share your awesome act on the Wake Up Call Interns and 107.9 The End facebook walls or via Twitter and Instagram... just tag #1079AwesomeActs!
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Happy Birthday!!!
This morning, The Wake Up Call wanted to celebrate Tall Skinny Matt and Intern Tressa's birthdays by singing Happy Birthday but didn't want to sing the actual song. Listen to what songs they sang and how they did.

It was amazing! :)

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Intern Annie: What kind of donuts are those?
Tall Skinny Matt: Crumb.
Intern Annie: Ew. I like powdered donuts.
Tall Skinny Matt: Because you're a kid.
Intern Annie: What?
Tall Skinny Matt: Only kids like powdered donuts.
Intern Annie: That doesn't make any sense.
Tall Skinny Matt: When you get older, you'll start to like good donuts.

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Introducing... Handy Matt!

If you ever wondered how handy Tall Skinny Matt is....

I found this funky piece of wire on the floor and Tall Skinny Matt took it and turned it into a cute little spiral.

Need something untangled? We have someone for that!
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