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Ways to NOT Sabotage a Relationship

SheKnows.com put out a list of ways to not sabotage your relationship: YOUR NEW PARTNER IS NOT YOUR EX. The first step to putting your past behind you is acknowledging that this new person in your life should not be punished for the sins of your ex. For example, if your ex cheated, you can't grab your new lover's cell phone out of his hands and demand to know who he's talking. You can't act suspicious whenever you meet one of his colleagues or friends. This type of behavior will only create tension and frustration between you, inhibiting your chances for a long-lasting, healthy relationship. If you have concerns, communicate to your partner what has happened in your past and allow your new lover to express himself by showing you that he is different. YOUR DRAMA IS NOT YOUR NEW LOVER'S PROBLEM. Did your ex criticize your body, mind or spirit and create feelings of insecurity? Take back ownership of yourself. Only you can decide how to treat yourself and how others can treat you. No matter how complimentary your new partner is, no matter how supportive he may be, if you are still allowing old comments and criticisms to ring in your ear, you will never allow peace or happiness into your heart. STOP COMPARING. Do his lovemaking techniques differ or pale in comparison to those of your previous lover? Keeping your emotions bottled inside will only lead to resentment and a lack of interest in sex. If you want or need something from your partner, ask for it. If you and your partner aren't in sync, work on getting to get a place where you are both satisfied, instead of focusing on your ex. Stepping out of your past is the only way to truly free yourself and move forward into a healthy, happy relationship. Choosing to drop the emotional baggage and accept with open arms a new beginning will only enhance and enrich your current relationship. Listen to the Wake Up Call discuss this list: Ways NOT To Sabotage a Relationship


09/29/2010 5:51AM
Ways to NOT Sabotage a Relationship
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