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Wedding Videos

weddingvideo Gavin is getting married soon and trying to save as much money as he can. Jason said he can save $500 by not getting a wedding video, but Gavin isn't sure he wants to sacrifice the memories it will bring. What do you think? Here is what some people had to say about it: Link After we got off the phone with Jennifer, we received a phone call from a listener who was so moved by her story that she offered to give Jennifer a special gift: Link


02/23/2010 6:17AM
Wedding Videos
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02/24/2010 6:22AM
Sarah Maren
Why have video when you're going to have the most kick ass pictures EVER? ;)
02/24/2010 9:11AM
Jennifer Molina
I had called earlier and spoke with you about the video and how you should get one. I lost my husband a week after we got married and I wish I had the video. After I spoke with you I had to go to work and a couple of my friends told me you wanted me to call back. Been trying all day and I keep getting busy signal. Please email me in regards to whatever.
02/26/2010 6:02AM
Jodi Morrissey
I googled "slideshows by Laura" and couldn't find her. Do you have her phonenumber or web address? My brother passed away and I would like a slideshow for my mother for mothers day. Thanks in advance for your help.
02/26/2010 6:09AM
Josephine Acevedo
I heard this mornings show about the lady who is going to make a slideshow for Jennifer. I was in tears. That is going to be the best gift she could ever receive. And for the record, I regret not having my wedding recorded. Pictures are great, but video is live.Dont have regrets about one of the Best days of your life!!
02/26/2010 6:11AM
Eric Shaver
My comment goes out to Jennifer's story. I would like to thank the lady giving her the gift! Jen and her husband Joe were extremely close to me and my family. His loss was very sad and emotional. Not only will the pictures of the wedding in the slidde be amazing but I have many many other pictures from events and trips we got to expierence with him. RIP buddy!! Love and miss you!
02/26/2010 3:21PM
Susan Omslaer
Gavin, spend the money and have the video taken, or if you really want a laugh, do as we did (we had no money) have a friend tape it. It was a laugh! He had never used a video camera before (it was 1987). Even if you never watch it, if you have kids some day, it will definitely keep them quiet for a while - my kids love to watch it.
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