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Welcome to my blog, and your blog

I think I am the last one of the 107.9 the End staff to start their own blog.  My problem is that with my horrible attention span, I tend to start doing things and then forget about them.  That is why I have decided to make my blog also your blog.  

Here is my plan.  I want this blog to be about my life, the Wake Up Call, and cool/funny/interesting things that I find along the way that may, or may not make it on the show.  That is where YOU come in. Every week I will bring up a couple different topics, ideas, stories, etc...  You will have a chance to comment or e-mail me to let me know what you want to hear on the Wake Up Call.  Maybe I'll have three ideas for the show and use this blog to let you in on the decision making process.  You can help decide what topics we talk about on the Wake Up Call! My e-mail address is:  Jason@endonline.com Send me links to videos, funny stories, cool surveys, etc.  Please do not send me forwards you get from friends at work.  You know what kind of e-mails I am referring to.  I'm talking about the e-mails you get that say..."read this entire e-mail..it's true!!"  That stuff drives me crazy.   Remember the name of this Blog.  It's called "Jason's You and Me Blog".  This is my blog, but it's about you and me.  It's about my interests and your interests.  This blog will give me a chance to talk about things that I am interested in, but aren't a good fit for the Wake Up Call. By the way, the picture in this post is just a weird picture that I took on my laptop.  No, I don't think I am cool.  Well, maybe just a little cool. Jason


02/11/2009 1:34PM
Welcome to my blog, and your blog
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