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Well, we're all still here.

So there was a minor earthquake in the Bay Area Saturday evening. Not quite the end of times that Harold Camping had predicted would occur around 6pm that night. But a bunch of us on a BART train did get a bit of a shock when, coming home from the Giants game a little after 7pm, the train out of nowhere started slowing down. We were definitely in between stations, so there was no reason for a slow down. Then, the driver announced that there had been an earthquake in the area. All of us on the train kinda looked around at each other with smirks on our face thinking "maybe he was only an hour off!" Well, of course his entire prediction was completely off base. I'll try not to get too religious on you here, but no one knows when Jesus will return, mostly because the Bible doesn't tell us! It just warns us to be ready for whenever it may happen. One of Camping's assistants, after it became painfully obvious that the world wasn't coming to an end Saturday, said "you can imagine we're pretty disappointed, but the word of God is still true. We obviously went too far, and that's something we need to learn from." You think? Yes, Christians like me believe that the word of God is true, but the Bible is fairly vague about the end times, so people like this who claim to know exactly when Jesus is coming back do much more to harm Jesus' cause than to help it. I just hope those of you who aren't so sure about the Bible or Christianity don't feel that this guy is speaking for all of us, because he is definitely not! And worse yet, Camping came out today and said that it will actually happen five months from now, on October 21, and not May 21. He hasn't given up yet. Please be quiet already, old man!


05/23/2011 1:45PM
Well, we're all still here.
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