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What a dirtbag!!!! He almost struck again!!

Every Thursday morning, the Wake Up Call has a new Confession from a listener. This week, we talked to a married guy who claimed to have a fool proof method of cheating on his wife. He claimed that his methods were so awesome that his wife would never find out. While that may be true, he may not have realized one thing. The Wake Up Call is a popular radio show, and 107.9 the End is a powerful radio station! Check out this e-mail that I received on Friday morning: _________________________________________________________________ Hi Jason and the wake up call: This is a bit of a story but wanted to share it with you guys. I had posted a dating ad a few weeks ago for something casual and specifically asked for SINGLE men only. Of course I had to week through tons of responses and there was a good looking guy that fit what I was looking for. He gave me very specific days and times to work with, which I found a little frustrating but, we made plans for dinner anyway on one of the few nights he had free. Then, a few days prior to the dinner date, he cancelled. A week later he tried contacting me but I had already moved on. Then yesterday I got a text from him explaining to me that he had a family emergency which is what caused him to cancel on me but he still really wanted to meet. At that point I thought I would give him a chance. But he was still giving me these very specific dates and times so my gut was telling me he isn't single. So I asked him, straight up, are you single and he claimed he was. Then I heard the confession this morning from the Married man and his fool proof plan to cheat. This stirred up that gut feeling I had and so I texted the guy this morning asking if he lived alone. He said no. I asked if he had roomies and that's when he tells me - the family emergency he had was about his Mom under going emergency surgery and now he's moving in with her to take care of her... So of course the confession runs through my mind and I simply can't believe he's telling me this exact story I heard on the radio. I tell him about the story and then cancel the dinner because I just can't be sure at this point - that maybe he is telling the truth but I don't want to take the chance. He then offers up a chance to meet his Mom or see a pic of her arm...I call his bluff - or at least I assume it's a bluff - and say I would be inclined to meet her and see proof of his situation because too many married men try to say they're single. Instead he sends the pic of a Lady with a bandaged arm. It's her left arm and she's still using her right arm to type on the keyboard in front of her. So clearly it's not a 24/7 caregiver situation if she can get around with her right arm! He NEVER responded to my agreement to meet his Mom for proof. I wonder if it's the same guy! Anyway, thought I would share this coincidence and tell you that your confession segment might have just saved me from a terrible situation! M. (name has been protected to keep her identity secret) ______________________________________________________________________ Now, I can't confirm that this is the same guy from our Confession, but it sounds very, very similar. If it is the same, guy that would be GREAT!. Sure, his poor wife may not know what is going on, but his confession was shared with thousands and thousands of women in Northern California. It seems that the sharing of his story may be the cause for his downfall. Foolproof? Nope. Fool? Yes, he is.


03/11/2011 4:11PM
What a dirtbag!!!! He almost struck again!!
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03/11/2011 4:40PM
Wow! Men like him that make me wary of looking for a new boyfriend! I'm glad that you provide these confessions! you never know what will happen!
03/12/2011 9:41AM
this is too funny. This is what he gets (if it is the same man) for having such confidence in his "fool proof method". After all, what a dumb ass!
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