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What happens when your vajayjay's heart beats and nobody cares?

At the MTV Movie Awards on Monday, Christina Aguilera performed a song from her new CD.  It was a high energy performance that ended with a close up on her vajayjay area.  What was right above her vajayjay?  A glowing and twinkling heart.  The camera zoomed in on this "beating" heart/vajayjay.  Guess what?  Nobody cared! Here's a short list of things that stick out to me about the MTV Movie Awards: 1) Aziz Ansari did a GREAT job as host.  His comments about 3D movies were hilarious. 2) Sandra Bullock kissing Scarlett Johansson.  Finally, something else to talk about in regards to Sandra Bullock! 3) Tom Cruise (as Les Grossman) dancing with Jennifer Lopez.  Tom was so good that I didn't think it was him!  I thought it was a professional dancer in the Les Grossman get up. 4) Shawn White.  Dude, get a shirt. 5) F Bombs.  MTV had to issue an apology for the number of times the F Bomb was dropped during the show. 6) Katy Perry and Snoop Dogg.  This was a fun performance of California Gurls. 7) Kristen Stewart awkwardly accepting awards.  She seems horribly uncomfortable with fame and she always sounds sick.  Take a decongestant and we'll see you next year. 8 ) Dwayne Johnson was HUGE!  He hasn't had muscles like that since his days in the WWE as the Rock. 9) Stunt Kids.  Great video.  Very funny. 10) The commercials. You know what didn't make my list???  The heart over Christina Aguilera's vajayjay.  Sometimes I see people in the public eye do things and I think to myself he/she "is doing this because they are convinced that everyone will be talking about it" the next day.  I'm sure Christina and her people thought that this blinking, glowing vajayjay heart would be the hot topic of discussion on Monday morning. Guess what?  It's Tuesday and if I hadn't seen a picture of the heart vajayjay on another website, I never would have remembered it. Christina:  You have an amazing voice.  Sing.  Sometimes that's enough.


06/08/2010 7:09AM
What happens when your vajayjay's heart beats and nobody cares?
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