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What is it like to wake up at 3:30am?

People often ask me  what time I get up in the morning for work.  When I tell them that I wake up at 3:30am, they usually follow up the first question with this question: "What is it like to wake up at 3:30am"? I never know how to answer other than to say that I have gotten used to waking up at 3:30am.  It's rarely easy to get up, but your body does adjust to the early hours. This morning, I woke up at my normal time .  In the dark, I put on some shorts and a t-shirt that were sitting on the side of my bed.  I walked into the bathroom to do my business and brush my teeth.  When I looked in the mirror, I thought to myself "this is what it LOOKS like to wake up at 3:30 in the morning". I took a picture.   Could I have opened my eyes more for the picture?  Yes.  I guess I could have smiled as well, but that wasn't why I took this picture.  I took this picture so that you can see what it's like to wake up at 3:30am. It's not always pretty, but coffee helps.  So does getting dressing in a room with lights on.

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06/04/2010 3:41AM
What is it like to wake up at 3:30am?
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