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Why aren't there any good movie songs anymore?

Watching the Oscars last night, I came to the realization that it's been several years now that the winner of Best Original Song is some lame song that no one has ever heard of. So I decided to do a little research, and peek at the list of past winning songs. I discovered that the last track I would label as a hit to win the award was Eminem's classic "Lose Yourself," from his 8 Mile movie, back in 2003. The category has been a musical wasteland ever since. It's now been 8 consecutive years that a mostly unknown song has won Best Original Song. When I looked at the list of winners from the 80's and 90's, I knew just about every one of them. They were all big hits on the radio as well. A song being a hit is not a prerequisite for winning the award of course, but if the song was really that good, radio stations would want to play it. So I guess we can draw the conclusion that there just isn't good music being written for movies anymore, or perhaps artists aren't giving movie studios music to include in movies as much as they used to. Movie soundtracks used to sell well in the past, when many current artists contributed songs to soundtracks that weren't on their other CD's. Although come to think of it, lately a lot of movies are using songs that are already popular, as opposed to thinking a new song could get popular just because it was included in the movie. Maybe that goes hand-in-hand with the fact that that movie studios produce so many sequels and remakes and the like. They're so scared of losing money that they would rather make yet another Big Momma's House movie just because it's familiar, instead of giving a shot to something original. So I guess why take a chance with new music, when you could play the same old stuff people already know. Not sure if that's entirely accurate, I really hope it's not, but it was an interesting thought I had, which I bet is probably more true than we wish it was.


02/28/2011 2:18PM
Why aren't there any good movie songs anymore?
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