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Gavin Grades The Movies

Worst Movies of 2010

10. The Tooth Fairy - I understand that this movie is for children but that doesn't give a film the right to be this bad.  The fact that Billy Crystal and Stephen Merchant (BBC's The Office) were suckered into doing this and put their best foot forward but their talent didn't rub off on The Rock, proved that this movie was lost. 9. Clash of the Titans - If there was ever a movie that was in need of a big-budgeted remake, it's Clash of the Titans.  But this was a mess.  According to director Louis Leterrier, it was the studio's fault.  But for being the first example of how 3D can be so bad it ruins a movie, it deserves to be on the list. 8. Dinner for Schmucks - When you're a remake of an already funny movie, the hard part is done for you.  So how to do you screw it up?  I guess you have to really try at it.  It's even worse when you have comedic pedigree like Steven Carrell, Paul Rudd and Zach Galifinakis.  But if the first funny scene in your movie is 80 minutes in...you're a failure. 7. Cop Out - Holy God!  Director Kevin Smith even said this movie was feces.  Tracy Morgan did a subpar job performing with the corpse of Bruce Willis but Willis managed to infect his apathy virus into everything in the movie. 6. The Tourist - It's always a bad sign when the trailer for a film doesn't talk about what the movie is about but instead just focuses on who is in it.  Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie should have higher standards than this, but I have a feeling they just wanted a free vacation. 5. Jonah Hex - This film deserves to be considered one of the worst simply for potentially destroying the momentum the comic book genre has built up.  Megan Fox is awful and we can't blame her for being her, but Josh Brolin and John Malkovic have both been nominated for Oscars!  Come on, guys!  Good thing no one cared about Jonah Hex before this. 4. Nightmare on Elm Street - I'm not such a movie snob that I roll my eyes at every remake that comes down the pike.  In fact, I was very excited for this since the original one is great but a little outdated.  This was a disaster though.  A complete unscary, uninspired mess from beginning to end. 3. Valentine's Day - It's a disgrace when there are so many stars in your movie that their combined net worth is more than 80% of Americans.  This was a movie that was a disaster from the first scene to the last.  It wasn't funny.  It wasn't romantic.  It wasn't anything but a tawdry attempt to make a cheap buck off a bad script by packing it with actors that were promised a few days of work and never have to leave L.A.  Shame on you...everyone who made this! 2. Sex and the City 2 - Good try at making the worst movie of the year, girls.  Sadly you fell short, but that's not due to lack of trying.  This movie came so close to destroying the entire SATC legacy in one 130 minute swoop.  When you take the main character (New York City) out of the story...you're off to a really bad start. 1. The Book of Eli - If this was an exciting action movie that was directed well I might be able to overlook the awful script.  It wasn't.  The fact that this movie was about Denzel Washington transporting The Bible across a post-apacalyptic wasteland by slashing and shooting and killing his way to safety is one of the most hypocritical plots of all time.  And the fact that the directors threw in a twist at the end that they thought was just so clever, made it the worst movie of the year.  Self importance that fails but doesn't recognize that failure is one of the saddest thing in the world.

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02/25/2011 4:09AM
Worst Movies of 2010
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02/25/2011 8:46AM
OH NO NO NO NO! you got most of the movies dead on, ill give you that.. but SEX IN THE CITY 2? V-DAY? AND COP OUT? ur trippn Gavvvs. but im 150% with you on the book of eli..
03/02/2011 8:04AM
Yeah awesome!
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