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Yeah, I'm a badass. Don't F**K with me.

I recently got a baby tooth pulled. I started Invisilign clear braces! I could post a photo of me wearing the Invisilign, but you can't see them. Instead, I wanted to post the first ever photos of me minus the baby tooth. Yes, I know...I look like a soccer fan from the UK after a long night of drinking, drinking, and listening to Chumbawumba. Bonus points if you get that reference. Anyway, here I am in my tough guy pose! Jason UK Soccer Fan


05/24/2010 2:42PM
Yeah, I'm a badass. Don't F**K with me.
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05/25/2010 4:13AM
I work out every morning and listen to all the stuff you all talk about. This morning was interesting, the baby tooth deal, but the facebook question got me. I am currently having a war between my Dad, my Mom, my Grand Ma and my two ex hubbys all on Facebook of course. It is chaotic, but in order to get the stress out I have purchased a punching bag which I tag everyone morning, but after looking at your tooth photo I am will be putting your photo on my punching bag.
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