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Ylvis - The Fox

Here is the video for "The Fox" by Ylvis which may be the best song of the summer!

Listen to the Wake Up Call talk about the song:

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09/06/2013 6:21AM
Ylvis - The Fox
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09/06/2013 6:41AM
Omg that is the most funny video ever thanks 107.9
09/06/2013 8:34AM
ylvis- the fox
I have not laughed that hard in a long time! I actually peed my pants a little! lol....
09/06/2013 8:45AM
Awesome!! Lol love it
09/06/2013 2:35PM
Ok I heard you guys tell me to send fox to ur number then I did and I almost crapped my pants!!!! Thanks fr giving me a good laugh before school!!! I showed this to my friends and they almost crapped their pants!!! Thanks so much!!!! Btw the video is soweird.... ~ Maddy
09/06/2013 2:36PM
09/15/2013 7:21AM
OMG ! OMG ! OMG ! My friend told me about this video and now I have this song stuck in my head !!! :)
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