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You & Demi Lovato = Backstage BFF's!!

If you missed my 4:10 announcement on the radio today, here's what The End is hooking you up with for Demi Lovato's show in Reno on July 19th.  We'll be giving away FOUR-PACKS of tickets every hour between Noon and 5pm this Saturday and Sunday.  Then on Monday we'll pick out 1 lucky winner from all of our weekend winners to get to be BACKSTAGE BFF's with Demi!  You and your 3 friends will get upgraded to premium seats, I will personally escort ALL of you backstage to meet Demi, and one of you will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to interview her!  You'll get to shoot an Instagram video with her as well, and we'll even throw in an autographed poster.  Wow!!  So make sure you're listening all this weekend, and good luck!  Hope to see you in Reno, and maybe this will be you in the picture this time :)

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06/18/2014 4:30PM
You & Demi Lovato = Backstage BFF's!!
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06/18/2014 9:17PM
My Hero
Demi is my true hero. I suffered from a eating disorder when I was younger. Everyone would make fun of me for being to fat. I felt Nirmal but apparently I wasn't to all the other kids. When Demi went to rehab that's when I told my grandma I didn't want to hurt myself anymore. Demi truly saved my life and I would love to thank her in person.
06/18/2014 11:14PM
Demi is my true inspiration and I adore her, when I saw that she went to rehab thats when I prayed for demi to stay strong and hopefully become sober, demi id a true inspiration, I hope she realizes that, but you know what the person who wrote hero ismore deserving of this then I will ever be, and if I don't get picked then my only wish for this person to get a chance to meet Demi
06/19/2014 9:00PM
Thank you
I've suffered from an eating disorder, self harm and bullying. Demi made me feel like I wasn't alone and I want to thank her. Thank you demi for making me feel better about myself . I love you
06/20/2014 6:08PM
I don't have a disorder or a medical issue of any sort (all though sometimes I think I'm ADD haha). I have a great life. A family that loves me, people who care, and friends that support me in everything I do. But I have always had a dream, that dream is the same one Demi has. I want to be a singer, and I always have. I'm such a huge fan of Demi and meeting her or even going to her concert would mean the world to me. I really hope I win. Thank you so much for this opportunity!
08/14/2014 3:32PM
melissa's experice with demi lovato
Demi is my favorite role model and actor in her movies. I have medical stories about my life of being disabled and for 22 years of joying my life to meet with her so very badly because she is also in my life but my dad Fran Malone is not taking me to see my favorite singer on stage because my dad is gonna have surgery on his back and he is going to be in a wheelchair and I feel so badly for my dad. I'm really sorry for not seeing you in September 7 and he's going for surgery on September . but for me to feel better and not worry about my dad will you please please please to send a autographed photo for me please to feel better. thanks for being a fan of yours and I love you Demi
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