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aDrunk man leaves iPhone at aBar

You know that awful sinking feeling when you lose something incredibly important? Gray Powell certainly does! A couple weeks ago Mr. Powell, an employee of Apple, left his cell phone at a bar he was apparently imbibing at. But this was no ordinary phone. This was the spakin' new 4G iPhone model not even being released until this summer! Doh! Evidently a bartender at the Redwood City bar found it, and soon realized just what he was holding in his hands. According to the guy, he was polite enough to contact Apple to try and return it. Sadly, no one at Apple would help him (what jerks!) and he just got put on hold, or given ticket numbers for them to call him back. Well they never did, so he did the next best thing, and sold the phone for $5,000 to a website named gizmodo.com. Gizmodo claims the phone is definitely the real deal, and Apple has contacted them wanting the phone back. After over 10 million hits on the site to see the illusive phone, the site claims it was definitely worth the 5 grand! So what would you do if you found a gem like that? Sell it? Return it? Keep it for yourself? Let me know! If you want to see the pix of the new iPhone, check it out here. It has updates on whats changed, how it looks, and what they added! And you can read even more about this fun little tale of the lost iPhone!


04/20/2010 1:30PM
aDrunk man leaves iPhone at aBar
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05/04/2010 10:05PM
Mr Loan
Great blog at blogs.endonline.com. Thanks for great article about Iphone. I recently became an owner of Iphone and I love it a lot. I will bookmark your blog as well. Thanks for all the work.
05/06/2010 9:07AM
neue gadget
I think Gray lost to iphone on purpose as a marketing gag for apple. I mean who is so stupid to go in a beer bar with an iphone prototype and lose it. Especially he didn't get fired yet.
06/05/2011 5:54AM
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