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Lip Stick Testers Are Nasty

A woman is suing Sephora after getting oral herpes from a lip stick tester
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Are You Smarter Than Katie

The Wake Up Call play another round of "Are You Smarter Than Katie" to give away tickets to see Jay-Z:
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iPhone X Sucks

Kevin is having a little regret of buying the new iPhone since it has issues and flaws:
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Did You Know With Intern Kevin

Intern Kevin brings facts that he finds on the internet, this week he tells us the original name of the Big Mac:
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Katie's Panties

Mike told Gavin he was carrying around a pair of Katies panties in his pocket at Disneyland:
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Guys Who Write Dog's Name On Card

More single guys are signing their dogs name on cards than ever before and Rayne says this move will help get a guy girls:
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