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Gavin's Dad Calls During the Show

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Click here to see a non blurry version of this selfie.

A few days ago, I purposely took a ridiculous selfie and sent it to Gavin and Katie. I guess I hid the funny part a little too well, because neither of them noticed what I did. Here are two version of the pic. First is exactly how I sent it to them. Second is the picture flipped upsidedown so you...
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...have a son

This would be really weird if I didn't.....have a son. I get a lot of text messages from Amazon to confirm the shipment of items my wife orders. This morning, I received this text message and thought "This would be really weird if I didn't have a son!" Do you have anything like this? If you do,...
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R.I.P Doris Roberts

Doris Roberts, the actress who played Raymond's mom on the show Everybody Loves Raymond, has died at the age of 90. For the full story, click here. Over the years, I've watched episides of Everybody Loves Raymond with different people. Almost every time, someone in the group says that Doris Robert'...
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Have you ever had your mind blown over new technology? Well, this grandma was absolutelyterrified when she got to experience a self-driving car...

Read the book, or see the movie?

I don't know what to do about the Jungle Book!

This weekend, Disney's "the Jungle Book" at a HUGE opening weekend, bringing in $103.6 million dollars ! The movie's getting great reviews. If you haven't seen Gavin's review, check it out at Gavin Grades the Movies . Regardless of the good reviews, I probably won't be seeing "the Jungle Book." Why...
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