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Disneyland Rides You Can't Handle

Gavin's son loves the Nemo Submarine ride but it almost gives Gavin a panic attack every time they ride it. The Wake Up Call discuss what rides they can't handle:
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Disney Interview - Michael Duncan

The Wake Call interviews Michael Duncan, the production manager of World of Color:
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Kevin's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Trip

Nothing has been going the way that Kevin wants this whole trip and he SAYS it was ruined.
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Sleeping With Kevin Sucks

Rayne explains to Katie and Gavin what it's like to sleep with Kevin.
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Kevin Goes On Guardians Of The Galaxy: Mission Breakout Ride

Gavin forced Kevin to go on the new Guardians Of The Galaxy ride despite Kevin knowing how much he hated Tower Of Terror:
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There was a line of women waiting for the men’s room at The Flamingo House over the weekend including Rayne. Rayne really had to go but instead he waited because there was a long line. We solicit for women to call and help Katie fight the boys off. 


Housewife Tantrums

Gavin is obessed with Heather and Ally from @housewifetantrums on instagram because he can relate to them so much:
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