Hit Squad

Do you love music, 106.5 The End and want to join our Hit Squad? We would love to have you! Click HERE to apply!




Lexi has been a resident of Sacramento for the past 5 years and joined the hit squad team back in April of last year. From a young age, Lexi has had a deep love for movies and music and loves to share her passion with others. She also enjoys meeting new people and getting involved in the Sacramento community, which is why she is excited to be apart of this amazing team! In her spare time, Lexi enjoys going to the drive-ins, baking, running and exploring the outdoors! With her Bachelor's degree in Mass Communications from Sacramento State, she hopes to either develop a career in the promotions or hospitality field.


Haylee was born in Reno, NV and was raised in multiple cities across the U.S. before finally settling in Sacramento in 2011. She is currently attending American River College for Commercial Music Business – a career path that she has always wanted to pursue – and radio seemed to be the perfect starting point. Haylee became an intern for The End in January 2016 and joined The Hit Squad a year later, thoroughly enjoying her time working in promotions. When she’s not at work or school, you can most likely find her at a concert or movie theater as she’s a major entertainment junkie! 


Jorge was born and raised in Dixon, CA, a small town 25 miles from Sacramento. He is currently attending Sacramento State where he’s studying criminal justice (A bit of a curve ball). He has always loved music and the way songs tell stories and how music can give people such an array of emotions. When he was in high school he listened to this station every morning. He always believed he wanted to work in media but thought it wasn’t a practical decision. It wasn’t until January of 2016 when he became an intern for The Wake Up Call, then it all made sense and he threw practical out the window and decided to pursue a career in media. He recently discovered a love for photography. Social media is his guilty pleasure along with reality TV, you’ll always find him on Instagram so make sure to give him a follow @jayttv22. When Jorge isn’t at work or school he enjoys taking weekend trips to Los Angeles as frequent as possible, going to football, baseball, and basketball games, or going to country concerts and music festivals. Make sure to say hey at the next event you see him!


Lennon was born in Cleveland, Ohio but has lived in Sacramento for the past 10 years. She grew up around all different kinds of music and she knew in high school that she wanted to pursue something in the music industry. Lennon graduated from Full Sail University in December 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Music Business. Ever since she moved to Sacramento, this station has been her her favorite station! In the fall of 2016, Lennon became an intern for the Wake Up Call and worked with the promotions team. Later that winter she became a member of The Hit Squad and loves it! Lennon won’t be found without her phone in her hand and chocolate coconut almonds close by. She loves her coffee and cannot go a day without it! She enjoys meeting new people and helping others out in whatever way she can! Lennon is a friendly and very compassionate person, so next time you see her at an event, come by and say hey!


My name is Jordan Montoya…you killed my father. Prepare to die. HA! Not really, but I was born and raised in Woodland, California. Growing up I played and coached volleyball, ran track and TA’d (teacher’s assistant) for some of my favorite teachers. It was also during this time that radio sparked my interest. I’ll never forget listening to “War of the Roses” en route to school, in fact, most of my mornings started with the Wake Up Call and to think that I would be working for this station was once just an eighteen-year-old dream. Upon graduating high school I went straight to Southern California to attend Cal State Northridge where I received my bachelor’s degree in communications with an emphasis in performance and social change and mass media. These courses were my favorite because we were allowed to take our voices out and into the campus community and make an impact, big or small, the process was fun. Radio and television have been a lingering dream, so I am beyond excited to be able to take what I learned in an environment that allows me to reach out to the local community and create impacts with an awesome team. In my free time I enjoy running, hiking…anything active to be honest, and traveling to new places and for sure meeting new people OH! And if I can take my dog Rey with me…even better!


Emily may be a small town girl, but she's DEFINITELY not living in a lonely world! She has a very outgoing personality and can strike up a conversation with anyone she meets. She played softball growing up and was a cheerleader all throughout high school. She is currently in her last year at CSU Sacramento as a communications major, with an emphasis in public relations. Emily is the VP of Communication for her sorority and is very involved with the Sacramento community through philanthropic projects and events. She’s very savvy with social media and video editing and has always had a passion for photography. Emily is determined to have a career in entertainment or media, most likely in radio or television, and is just beginning her journey with us on our promotions team! In her free time, she likes to be outdoors, but also wouldn't pass up a movie day with hot chocolate. Her biggest dream is to travel the world. She plans on visiting Australia, Asia, Africa and Europe by the time she is 30! Make sure to stop by at an event and say hello, or you can keep up with her crazy life on Instagram @emmaahlee.