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Hi! I’m Nicki G! I’m a born and raised Sacramento girl and grew up listening to this station. During my teenage years I could be found at every Endfest and Jingle Ball. An alumni of Christian Brothers High School (Go Falcons), upon graduating I moved to Sonoma County to pursue a degree in communications at Sonoma State University with an emphasis in radio. I continue to live and work in the North Bay during the week, and travel every weekend to come home to the station that inspired me to be in radio; 107.9 The End! It is a dream come true to be on my hometown airwaves. 
5 Random Facts About Me: 
1. I have a jack-huahua (half Jack Russell/half Chihuahua) named Rufus. He thinks he’s a human and loves to talk in dog gibberish. 
2. I have an unhealthy obsession with reality TV. (The Bachelor/Bachelorette/Catfish are my top faves.) 
3. I am an ice cream fanatic. Don’t tell my mom, but on occasion I have it for breakfast. 
4. Peanut butter and bacon freak me out. 
5. I remember far too many song lyrics. My specialty is late 90s/early 2000s. But really, I could probably recite you a whole song from just about any genre of music.

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