Rayne is a personality that blends music and pop culture into his colorful, witty and sometimes over the top, hilarity. He has a confident, addictive personality that lures you in and won't let go. Starting in radio at the age of 13, Rayne has made radio not only is career, but his passion. From his first full-time on-air job in Reno at 19, to Las Vegas, Tulsa, Okla., Indianapolis, In., Detroit, Mi and now Sacramento, Rayne loves to showcase new and up-coming music and artists, thought-provoking banter and tongue-in-cheek commentary into his show every day. When he is not on the radio, you can find him watching San Francisco Giants baseball, traveling on the weekends, shredding powder on his snowboard at Lake Tahoe, working out at the gym or just watching movies with his dog, Henry the Pug.

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