Big Mac with Ketchup

Friday, February 17th

McDonald’s brought a bunch of Big Mac’s into the studio for the Wake Up Call to try out. While they were eating them, Jason mentioned he likes to put ketchup on his Big Mac’s which Gavin thought was crazy! Listen to Gavin try ketchup on a Big Mac for the first time:



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Please don't wake up call for. You one thing but yes. You guys tonight we've dropped our Fred. Isn't and we've reviewed I have heard they have Steve Mack junior now. And the big Macs and the grand mag. Each of these different size grills the first time though that I am seeing. The great big Mac in the grand master before we talk what does the reason we're doing this Max protect we're gonna talk about something else but then Gavin made me feel like oh weirdo Katie it has because I asked if there was ketchup he said for me you know he's listening what and I put I put ketchup on a big Mac as a regular person doesn't pay and I was like dad and using the most free. My dual why now the big Mac. Yeah and I know a bit that we like to talk about mcdonalds but I would have said this even if we didn't like to talk about McDonald's big Mac is probably the one of the greatest. It's not the greatest thing which is the whole time. Does say I haven't heard Gavin. Tell his mother who claims to not like McDonald but she's a liar. And you don't you isn't it. Your brain not the like the I can. Well here's my point one the guy who invented the big Mac died it was a national tragedy right because he invented some think as Clinton the iPhone and it doesn't get enough credit. It is it is up perfectly crafted sandwiched all the way down to the spread that is used where does not just thousand mile. We'll tell you this shredded gladness at ten which I think every not. And I know I'd. Be really talking about life on the we. Is that there needs to be said no sin mucks up the whole thing. Why don't and catch up on the PG stamina have your back here okay. Sometimes. I able debt my burger in the left over catch up and I have from my I knew and all strangled. It. Can't about a group singled and just doing yet was like here's your little time. And it might try actually catchup here I would say that's before you don't as I look. Hey it's. The cause of south in me that's my age it's like you've found the Mona Lisa knowing that you know what I think it would look better with a mustache on or maybe he wanted. All I'm saying all that whole thing is I'm gonna put a mustache or my Mona Lisa and try it a bank contact Dunbar a lot of Anna and I are you taking other Grammer all that's a big sit at home. And and dear god I have in the past Mac and her grand daddy on. It's big isn't just just everything about it is bigger agenda have more. Nobody is bigger beaten because patty are around. My game really needs is you do Marge it needs given right I'd meditate that's so they're. I don't do what on top like that do like and the pretty. Like we all of ketchup in the box and then did it and who can't hang on. Its forehand one episode and yeah look at. Me you know I could be crazy here but there's some catchup in the special sauce there's not there's not I noted is Marcus that bull what the blues all right okay. I swore I swore to president Charles whenever what I. Back when he how he does where yeah. I know many other things like what I do and just put a little on topic you can Obama you know because of Katie she did she has the plan does a couple of them right here on the content might feel like that's gonna ruin the experience Milan Italian. God dang it Jason okay. That's always my you have the big wind chill yeah. OK yeah very got a baby London parent whistles event on Timothy. Can't listen to test enjoy your life yeah. Sean yeah they eat a burger you. Are so excited he might say it's a necessary beach wants it's bad is it means census it hands. And I think it enhances it. Yet it's enhanced. I. A little bit yeah it's Great. Neck you know Omar Garland. Images from. I've. Well I thought. That Jason. What do you think it out a way to make something better. Am I mean it did then he met. His past me and I would handled a lot of people do that every year systems are all weird AM EDT catch or be square in the back your refrigerator your re charming if you like they're like figure painting again it in my career run in the backyard you licking and then. Don't bite while all these people are texting and saying I've been putting ketchup yeah big Macs for years at all I know Donny are. I know and some sort of dumb traditionalist I guess yeah like here's the thing I also demy French Fries and sweet and sour sauce. If you've never done that. Seriously move it around frankly he's eating again gadgets so damn good you're welcome mcdonalds now Gammons love and still wake up call plus 65 the end.